Melancon Custom Artist T

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Body wood(s): 
Mahogany body, (No Chambers), with a thick Burled Maple top.
Neck wood: 
Satin finished Mahogany
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Quality, quality, quality. The Melancon Custom Artist T is a work of art visually, sonically and ergonomically. Everything is top of the line. The woods, electronics, neck carve, bridge, tuners, etc. are all of the highest quality. I've allowed this guitar to sit on a stand for as long as a week unused and then picked it up, kicked on the tuner on the pedalboard and found it to be perfectly in tune. Not so much as a hairs breath off. The top is a beautiful burled maple under God knows how many layers of clearcoat. The back of the neck has a satin finish that feels unfinished. My hand slides up and down the neck with no feeling of drag at all. Smooth to the N-th degree. The Mahogany neck and body are both on the thick side which I prefer. The tummy cut is comfortable while not being as deep as my Suhr or Fender EJ Strat. Because this axe is going for a Les Paul tone in a Telecaster body shape the thicker body wood really helps. The beauty of the wood is allowed to carry the look. There are no colors or tints applied. Just the natural wood and the clear coat. The pickups are handwound custom models. Their most evident stand-out quality is the ease of producing harmonics. This would be a great guitar for ZZ Top tunes that require harmonics to pop out just about everywhere. I'm actually having to learn pick hand placements that don't produce harmonics rather than the other way around.


This is more nitpicky than Con. The 10" radius is very comfortable to play, but, I have a preference for a 12" radius. Also, the 3 way switch for series / parallel / split wiring is a bit overkill for my purposes. While the custom hand wound humbuckers produce more harmonics than any other humbuckers I've ever owned they don't have the crisp clarity of the Suhr Doug Aldrich humbuckers.


Considering Quality vs. Cost I really believe this Melancon Custom Artist T to be a steal. I've played many instruments with price tags twice as high that neither played nor sounded as good. The looks of the guitar are like icing on the cake. While secondary to tone and playability the guitar is a beauty to look at. Great depth to the finish. All natural without added coloration. This guitar has a very one-of-a-kind feel to it. You know it's a one-off the second you pick it up. It just doesn't speak of any other electric guitar. It's the best of this and the best of that all mixed together with some interesting stuff that doesn't remind you of any other guitar.

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