Seymour Duncan Seth Lover SH55

Price Paid: 
These came OEM on an Edwards guitar
Humbucker/Single Coil/Stacked Single: 
Passive/Active/Not sure: 
AlNico/Ceramic/Not sure: 
Instrument Installed in: 
Edwards E-LP125 ALS
Sound Quality: 
5 (excellent)


They're pickups. They generally don't go wrong.

I've had Seymours in several guitars for years now and have not had reason to complain. 

Customer Support: 

Quite good. Mails are answered promptly and to the point.


Seth Lovers are obviously named after the man who invented the humbucking concept. As such these are supposed to be quite accurate renditions of the classic PAF sound (for what that's worth). I have no experience with vintage pickups, but I do know there's a whole boutique industry with its own mythology surrounding them. As it stands, these pickups deliver sweet tones that I would definitely class as "vintage". In a clean Fender amp, they are mellow and warm. In a Marshall amp, they become snappy and articulate. You don't want to use these for your death metal band though. They don't do high gain, nor are they designed to do so. Anyone looking to get more vintage tones out of a Les Paul styled guitar would be well advised to give these a go before shelling out even more (these don't come cheap) on some of the more costly boutique alternatives.

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