Gibson Les Paul 08 Standard

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Mahogany back/Maple top
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Grover locking tuners, kept it in tune well.

Tone Pro's locking Tune O Matic bridge, made changing strings a little easier not having the stop tail slide off.

Dunlop locking strap pins, this should be standard on all guitars.

Low friction volume and tone knobs.

Burstbucker Pro pickups.


Chambered body, not just weight relieved, this thing is pretty much a semi-hollow body guitar.

Asymetrical neck contour will probably not be for everyone who plays Les Paul's, as most are either a 50's rounded person, or a 60's slim person, I personally liked it more than the 50's neck on my Studio.

The Neutrik jack is an ok idea, but after a while the guitar started to have a fizzy sound that some attribute to the Neutrik jack. I don't see cables coming out of the jack as a major problem so it was pointless. Replaced it with a standard Gibson jack.

The Grover locking tuners are pretty flimsy, compared to Sperzel, they work well, but I wouldn't trust them to last.

Don't know what Gibson is calling it, but they have all the knobs on a circuit board now, and you can't replace one if it breaks, you have to replace THE WHOLE THING... Stupid design, IMO.

Price... This is not what a Les Paul Standard should be, the wood is gutted out, why does it cost more than a Traditional? Because of the asymetrical neck? Street price of $2600 is like $400 more than a Traditional.


I felt the need to review this guitar, which I have since sold (with regret), because apparently this is now THEE Les Paul Standard. For the crap people give Gibson for weight relieving and chambering, myself included, I honestly didn't have a problem with this guitar, at the end of the day it sounded like a good Les Paul, and was light as a feather. It was a solidly built guitar, played great, and I'd recommend it to any non traditionalist, with the advice to switch out the Neutrik jack, and try to get a good one used instead. Sold mine out of complete stupidity.

The pickups were good, but swapped them out for a set of Duncan Slash pickups, more so for the aesthetic look of the zebra bobbins than because the pickups sounded bad.

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