Seymour Duncan Slash Signature Alnico II Pro set

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Humbucker/Single Coil/Stacked Single: 
Passive/Active/Not sure: 
AlNico/Ceramic/Not sure: 
Instrument Installed in: 
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Sound Quality: 
5 (excellent)


Solid Seymour Duncan build

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Never had to deal with Duncan.


These are a moderate output pickup, slightly higher output than the standard Alnico II Pro pickups, but the bridge pickup is still rated at just 8.54k, compared to 7.85k for the standard Alnico 2 Pro. Nice bass and mids, a slight increase in the midrange over the standard Alnico 2 Pro, chimey highs with great harmonics in the bridge pickup, and neither get muddy. I think they sound great for classic hard rock tones, but can also get a nice, more metal sound out of them, as shown in the video below. I found that the neck pickup, and the combination of neck and bridge pickups, produces a very nice acoustic sound on a clean channel or with just the volume rolled back on an overdrive channel.

Based on the design of the original Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro pickups, which were slightly higher output then the ones made today, and feature a wood spacer and are slightly taller, like Seymour used to make them. Great pickups for anyone who likes the standard Alnico II Pro's, I thought they were worth the extra $20 or so each.

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