Suhr Custom Classic T

Price Paid: 
$2550 U.S.
Country of origin: 
Body wood(s): 
Neck wood: 
One piece Pau Ferro
One piece Pau Ferro
Fretboard Scale: 
Number of frets: 

My Suhr Classic T was Custom ordered to specs submitted to John Suhr with the custom guitar order sheet available at the Suhr Guitar web site.

If you start with the Classic T, (a high end version of the Fender Telecaster with upgraded appointments), add the following changes . . .

Upgrade the neck to one piece of dark figured Pau Ferro.

Upgrade the tuners to Sperzel Trim-Lok

Switch the bridge from a standard Tele ashtray to a hard tail Strat style and include a pickup cavity in the body for direct mount of the bridge pickup.

Add a Strat type pickup between the Tele / Broadcaster neck and bridge pickups and add a 5 way switch.

Add a deep tummy cut and forearm cut to the one piece alder body.

Upgrade the finish to Black Cherry Metallic.

Custom select the neck shape, fingerboard radius and fret size.

Use Abalone for the headstock logo and position markers and add a high gloss finish to the front of the headstock.

When I brought this guitar home it was both the most expensive and my personal favorite of all the guitars I'd ever owned. Beautiful to look at, wonderful to play, perfect single coil guitar voicing. The attention to detail and quality of construction was, and remains, the finest of any guitar I own. The neck shape is a perfect fit that tapers nicely from a medium C back shape at the nut to a rounder / fuller shape at the 14nth fret. Nothing included in the build of this guitar is less than excellent.


Honestly, there is nothing negative I can say about the Suhr Classic T.


It's simply the best Telecaster type electric guitar I've ever owned. I'd always considered the Telecaster my favorite guitar model and spent the big bucks to own this one. I've since found one other guitar that plays and feels slightly better than my Classic T, but, it's not a Telecaster build. I don't consider this a slight to the Classic T. The Suhr Classic T is simply the best Telecaster type guitar I own and shares one of the top two slots in my arsenal.

I'm as old school as you can get. My first loves will always be among the early electric guitar models like the Telecaster, Stratocaster, Les Paul, SG and ES335. I've given a good shot at trying to stay up to date and own three Floyd Super Strat models, but, I always fall back to the earlier electric guitar models when I just want to chill or please myself to the fullest. The Classic T is the Fender Telecaster slightly altered to fit me to a T. I love it.

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