GMW Guitarworks Custom Superstrat

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A+++ fretwork, super fast neck, light weight, great finish, spot on action out of the case, lots of no cost options including several different body styles, different bridges, multiple choices of tuners, hardware color, and the number and location of knobs and switches, phenomenal price ($1200 base) for a true custom shop guitar and a guitar of this quality, the recessed tuners are a nice little touch, as is the tilted axis headstock which angles the tuners a little making tuning a little more comfortable. Customer service, Lee Garver, is awesome.


Lee would only ship the guitar 3 day for $100, I think he was willing to use a different shipping company, don't really remember though, but that's his standard shipping, and the case is $150, but the case is really sweet, and would you really want your guitar on a UPS truck for a week? The no cost options does not include a second pickup. Volume pot is a little tight.... I'm definitely nitpicking to find cons, at the end of the day I paid $1700 for a $2500 quality custom shop axe.


This GMW is nothing short of impressive, the attention to detail given to this guitar is obvious when you pick it up. First thing I noticed was the fretwork and overall feel of the neck and fingerboard, very smooth and comfortable, often the GMW guitars are compared to Charvel's, maybe in the past Lee was simply making Charvel replica's, but the neck profile on this guitar is a little rounder on the back, not so much thicker, but the necks of my production model Charvel's are flatter, I also got the scalloped neck heel option which is a $50 option that greatly improved the feel for me over the Charvel Pro Mods I have. The finish on the neck feels a little different, but not bad. The OFR bridge, non recessed, is flawless, I've been having issues with the OFR's on the Charvel's and EVH Wolfgang Specials I've owned, but this one works perfectly. The setup overall is perfect, I can't recall the last time I had to touch the fine tuners after the 2nd day I had it. The finish is also flawless, and when compared to the sample I supplied Lee with, Dan Lawrence nailed it. Lee gave me a discount, he typically charges $100 to do urethane, which I didn't ask for, but he said he had never done this kind of burst before, wanted to make it perfect, so he just did it free of charge. Lee was great to deal with, he answered emails quickly, had the answer to every question, and while he was making 15 or so other guitars, I always got the feeling mine was the only one he was working on, very personable guy, even when not talking about my specific guitar, but his other guitars, his business, etc., and in the end he delivered on one hell of a guitar, and it was well worth the wait and price, both of which were not much when all things are considered. And Lee quoted me $100 for shipping, they charged him around $110, he charged me $100, and the 3 day shipping got from southern California to central New Jersey in only 2 days, so it was great. Highly recommended, if shipping costs aren't an issue for you. Update: Have had the guitar almost 2 months longer now, and as of 7/31/11 the initial impressions of the guitar are spot on, I changed the strings and was worried it would ruin the Floyd setup, but I think Lee either checks the Original Floyd's the way Suhr used to do before he switched to Gotoh Floyd's, or his Original Floyd's are simply the better model than the ones I've been having issues with, whatever the case is it's an awesome guitar

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