Gibson Les Paul Junior Satin Cherry

Price Paid: 
300 (In trade value)
Country of origin: 
Body wood(s): 
Mahogany body
Neck wood: 
Mahogany neck
Rosewood fretboard
Fretboard Scale: 
Number of frets: 
22 frets


*Good weight (lighter than my Traditional Plus, but not too light for a Les Paul)

*Great resonance (Sounds stellar acoustically)

*Amazingly raunchy tone (The P90 pickup in the Jr works perfectly in this guitar)

*Thin finish (This is really a pro and a con, it probably helps the resonance of the guitar, but it also dings easily)


*Kluson tuners (This seems to be a common problem with Gibson guitars, the tuners tend to slip and feel cheap)

*Thin finish (Like I stated above, it's a pro and con ultimately, it does ding easily, but means that the guitar isn't coated in layers of lacquer that will kill the tone)

*No hardcase included (They include a gigbag, which doesn't add much protection. I got a hard case as part of the deal with mine, but it should probably be included if you buy it new)


I picked this guitar up in a trade deal for an older Ibanez Performer Series guitar not long ago. I'd wanted to try a Junior for a while, so it seemed like a good enough deal for me. It's an '09, and was in mint condition with the plastic still on it, barely ever played. However, I soon broke it in, and now it's nicely worn, in no small part due to the thin "faded" finish. The P90 sounds stellar, perfect for those classic rock tones ala Zeppelin or Thin Lizzy, and in some ways, I like the pickup better than the humbuckers in my LP Traditional, it's really dynamic, and responds to pick attack extremely well. All in all, I think Gibson has hit on a winner with this guitar, and it really compliments my #1 (LP Traditional) quite well.

Overall Rating: 
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