Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus

Price Paid: 
2299 Canadian
Country of origin: 
Body wood(s): 
Mahogany body, flamed maple top
Neck wood: 
Mahogany neck
Rosewood fretboard
Fretboard Scale: 
Number of frets: 
22 frets


*Nice weight (Not too hefty, but not too light)

*Great sounding pickups, very versatile, especially great for that '70s esque British rock tone ('57 Classic/'57 Classic Plus)

*Beautiful flame top with great "3D Peek-A-Boo" grain

*Great neck profile (Not a boatneck, but not Ibanez Wizard thin, fits my hand perfectly)



*Kluson tuners - They have a tendency to slip and I don't much care for the cheap feel of them.

*Electronics - I'm not crazy about the stock 300k pots that Gibson uses in these guitars, I think 500k pots would be better for this guitar. I'm also not crazy about the rolloff of the pots, it's too sudden. I'd prefer a smoother taper of the pots.


When I was shopping for a Les Paul, I tried multiple models, from the lower end Studios to the higher end Traditionals and Standards. By the end of the trial period, I'd played every LP in my local L&M, as well as a couple of single cut PRSi just for comparison. I did my research and after reading the interview with "Mr. X" on this website, I played them all acoustically. None of the guitars on the wall spoke to me, however, so I decided to take a chance and order a Honey Burst Traditonal, on the off chance that maybe it would sing to me. Two weeks later, it arrived, fresh from the Gibson plant. When I pulled it from the box and opened the case, my jaw dropped. It was the Les Paul I'd dreamed about owning since I was a kid. When I picked it up and strummed it, it had that acoustic tone that is a sign that a guitar is a great, resonant instrument. When I plugged it in, I hit an open A chord and let it ring....perfect. It's possibly the best instrument I've ever owned, and other than the cheap Kluson tuners and mediocre electronics, I'm really happy. Highly recommended!

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