Killer KG Prime

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Hard Ash
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Unique shape

Unique Neck Joint

Extremely resonant

Loads of beautiful harmonic overtones

Very full sounding unplugged

Comfy neck shape

Solid worksmanship

Original Floyd Rose is solid and stays in tune

Jumbo Frets


The EMG pickups are not to my taste. Too much gain and high end. However, they are not the original pickups, they were put in by the previous owner. I'm gonna change the pups. something passive more PAF-ish. I think i'll go with high order pickups.

No fretboard markers, again, the guitar was ordered this way by the previous owner.

The neck pickup overpowers the bridge pickup even with lowering because the neck joint is so resonant.




The Killer KG Prime is Akira Takasaki's signature model. This particular guitar stated its life as a clear finished hard ash body. The original owner installed EMG's, and sent the guitar to GMW to get a graffitti yellow paintjob, as Killer Guitars does not offer this colour. Two extra neck bolts were also added for increased strength.

I've never seen a neck joint like this before, and neither had the Fender master tech that set it up. Its an amalgamation of a bolt on neck and a neck thru. It's bolt on in that the neck is held on to the body by bolts, but neck thru in that the neck extends underneath the neck pickup, and the pickup is actually set into the neck, and not the body. This produces a really rich fat neck pickup tone, which i guess as needed for Takasaki, as the rest of the guitar is made out of generally bright woods, which would have been coupled with a bright amp.    

As far as I know, the high end spectrum of killer guitars are handmade. And it definetly shows. The first requirement i have for any guitar is how it sounds unplugged. I listen for fullness, warmth, harmonic overtones, and resonance. The KG Prime delivers in spades. When you pick a note, even on the high e string, you can feel the resonace in the neck, and each note is full of rich harmonic overtones.

The action is quite low, and the neck shape really suits my hand. It flattens out as you move up the fretboard, which facilitates easier lead playing higher up on the neck. The neck pickup overpowers the bridge pickup even with lowering because the neck joint is so resonant. But I'll recitfy this with my new set of pickups, I don't like the EMG"s anyways. 

The Killer KG Prime is the most immaculate guitar I have ever played. You know how gutiar players always are serching for their holy grail guitar? One that sounds and plays so beautifully that they will never part with it? Well, this is mine. Eveything I want to hear in my own plank of wood with strings is all here (well, minus the EMG's).


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