Washburn N2

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1) Fairly light.  I was struck by the fact that this is a fairly light  guitar.  I often don’t notice the weight until I swing around and then I realize that there is something hanging from my neck.

2)  Plays extremely well.  One of the best playing guitars I have tried. 

3) The pickups are very good.  I have a Seymour Duncan ’59 (only availale on more expensive models now)  for the neck and a Bill Lawrence L500 for the bridge.  Pickups are terrific.  I love the sound of these through just about anything.  Nice growl and great neck tone for blues as well as rock. 4) Licensed Floyd Rose is usually a problem on most guitars I have played, but this one stays in tune great, even with whammy abuse.When playing this guitar to decide between 4 or 5 others, I was comparing it to a few guitars that were out of the price rangs and within.  I ended up with the N2 because the neck played so well and the sound waas great no matter amp I was playing through. 

It is also a very versatile guitar without changing pickups or anything else.  This guitar was made for playing pure and simple. 

I have thought of getting another one, but I don’t want to get rid of my Ibanez Destroyer.

ELECTRONICS:   Jack is SOLID, but I need to tighten it to the body more often than I did with the Ibby. When you pull the cable out; the jack doesn't budge. I love the fact that this guitar had coil taps.  I do use them occassionaly and it adds a whole different feel to playing.Very similar to a strat.  There is only a volume control on this guitar and to be honest I don’t miss the tone control.  I love the tone this guitar has.


The neck has some overspray on it and I had to set up the Floyd a little when I first got it.  I need to purchase a new handle as this one has just enough space when screwed on that it actually makes a bit of rattle.  I am going to use one of the elastics for my daughter’s braces to deal with this.  It I put it around the screw portion on the inside I should be able to limit this.  Only recently started this because the handle does not have a rubber stop inside to eliminate the metal on metal rattle you get which is what is causing the rattle sound I hear.  Minor issue that I believe arrives with  use on most FRs from what I have heard.As with most bolt ons there is a section on the neck that is more difficult to access.  Not a real problem because I was used to it with my Ibby.  However on the more expensive models you have a specially crafted cutaway that is supposed to make the upper fretboard more accessible. 



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