Edwards Les Paul Standard

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Mahogany body with maple top & flame maple laminate
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2005 model. Seymour Duncan pickups (a JB in the bridge and a 59 in the neck). Long tennon neck joint. Superlative fretting. Has the correct headstock shape. Top class finish and playability. Chunky neck profile. Nitro finish.


The taper of the volume pots was not very gradual.  Being finnicky about these things, I swapped the originals out for CTS pots. But that's no big deal, what it comes with worked fine, it's just my personal preference.

As far as the issue of "true flame maple top vs laminate flame maple top" goes, I could care less. It's not going to have an effect on the tone. And this guitar sounds beter than many "true flame maple" guitars that I have played.  


This was the very first Edwards guitar that I ever bought. This one broke my cherry, and I've been an Edwards advocate ever since! Seriously, these are incredibly good guitars, and the fact that they are still so cheap is amazing. These Les Pauls I would honestly say are of consistently higher standard than current Gibson Les Paul Standards. The pickups are higher quality, the hardware is all top notch, the finishes are beautiful, and they play better and sound at least as good.

I've had this guitar for almost 5 years now, and it's seen a lot of playing over that period. I've never found it lacking in anything. Sustain, tone, punch, warmth - it's all just how it should be. The intonation is just about perfect (you're never going to get perfect intonation on a traditionally set up guitar like this), and it stays in tune very well indeed. I use 10-56 Ernie Balls on it and tune to Eb. The action is quite low without any fret buzz. The Gotoh machine heads are smooth and accurate.

I like the subdued finish on this guitar, and the fact that it's not super-glossy. Even though it's definately not 100% nitro (the top coats are nitro but I daresay there's poly underneath somewhere), it still feels warm and it "breathes" naturally. It's an acoustically vibrant guitar.

So this one gets my highest ratings in every department. If I had to compare it to any Gibson Les Paul Sandard that I have ever owned or played, it comes out well and truly ahead. Is it as good as a Custom Shop Les Paul? Probably not, but you could have half a dozen of these babies for the same price.       

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