ESP Edwards Flying V

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2008 model.

1) it projects better than any Les Paul or Flying V I've ever played (at my local music store or elsewhere).

2) The sound you hear when you play it acoustically is VERY similar to what you hear -- amplified -- when you turn up.

3) ZERO buzz after downing string gauge (it came with ridiculously heavy strings).

First thing I noticed when I picked it up: the guitar is SO LIGHT. Lighter than my import yamaha strat (I was surprised, you might not be). It's probably around 6-7lbs but I need to weigh it properly. I knocked on it everywhere -- it's SOLID except for over the controls. NECK AND FRETWORK: Amazing. If their Les Pauls play like this V does; then they have a customer for life. I'm very picky about neck profile and they couldn't have made a better one for me. Inlay work is SUPERB.

Edwards biggest strength is probably their fretwork. I can't get over how comfy the neck is. Finish is pretty good with the exception of slight buckle rash on the back in one spot. Big deal. I can live with that; since I'm going to be using it -- a lot -- it will deteriorate aesthetically over time. This is a pretty good poly job. I don't think this is anything special as most companies keep the poly coat thin.  GOTOH Grover-style tuners are much more precise than what I'm used to. Tuning stability: string gauges are (!!) 12 16 26 38 46 54 and the seller had it in C and B tunings mainly. I played it with my amp dimed for about 3 hours. It stays in tune pretty damn well. Come to think of it, the guitar was totally detuned when I got it; so I had to tune all the strings (I guess this is standard shipping practice). The strings didn't slip once; but my bends weren't more than 2 frets because of the heavy strings.

ELECTRONICS:  pots are NOT SCRATCHY; they're pretty well-tapered; switch is stellar. Jack is SOLID. When you pull the cable out; the jack doesn't BUDGE. Like I've said before: I don't know how much the pickups contribute to the sound but these ones are perfect. I feel like the neck pickup should be a little more mellow (I think I have a '59 in it) but I'm also testing it through a shitty amp.


As mentioned before -- inlay work is SUPERB; cept for the 2nd fret. It looks like there might be a slight crack in the inlay (see pic) but I'm really not concerned about it. You need to look at it from a certain angle to notice. According to everyone else whose looked at it, it's just the figuring of the mother-of-pearl. It's FAR from a dealbreaker.

The neck seam is flawless, but when you look at it up close from the bridge you can see some blurry stuff -- probably poly. I could probably sand it off if it bothered me. Aesthetics crap. ’67 Reissue controls blow.

I would have preferred standard Les Paul controls



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