Bacchus Flying V - Schenker Model

Price Paid: 
US$700 (I cut a deal with the seller, normally they are around US$2000!)
Country of origin: 
Body wood(s): 
Mahogany (one piece)
Neck wood: 
Fretboard Scale: 
Number of frets: 

It's got the iconic black/white Michael Schenker colors. It's based on his 1979 pearl block marker model, with the shorter headstock and bound neck. Custom designed pickups. Outstanding playability.




This is my favourite model of Flying V, with the shorter headstock and pearl block markers on a bound neck. Aesthetically it is divine, the signature Schenker black/white finish is perfectly executed. It's possibly the slickest looking solid colour finish I've seen, there's no imperfections anywhere on this guitar. Even the pickguard and truss rod cover are brilliantly designed. Far from being simply painted plastic parts, they are two pieces with a dove-tailed joint down the middle! Bacchus guitars are very high-end indeed, they are limited production hand made instruments. This particular guitar isn't a production-run guitar, it was specially ordered to be a tribute to Michael Schenker's 1979 Flying V. However, I have also had experience of two other Bacchus guitars, and they were also of similar standards.

The pickups on this guitar are "Yuta", Bacchus' own design. The bridge is around 16k, and the neck is around 9k. They have buckets of power but never sound muddy or over-compressed. Playing into a JCM800, they give a very ballsy, throaty tone indeed, but will clean up nicely when you back off the volume.

The playability of this guitar is superlative, the neck is very comfortable and similar to current Gibson Flying V profiles, though a little narrower at the nut. The standard of fretting is particularly high, and bends and vibrato are a pleasure.

The guitar is very acoustically alive and the sustain is amazing. It's the kind of guitar that "speaks" to you, makes you want to play it.

I got this guitar for a ridiculously low price, but even at the normal retail price it's an absolute steal. I've got quite a few V's, and this one is head and shoulders above the rest. With it's superlative finish and those amazing pickups, it easily shames anything available from Gibson at a similar price.   



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