Fender American Vintage Series 70s Strat

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Classic (and classy) big headstock Strat looks.

Great playing neck, lowest action I've ever seen on a Strat, which surprised me because of the vintage neck profile.

The guitar is vibrant and alive. Easily the best Strat I've ever played (and I've had a few pass through here over the years) outside the Custom Shop stuff.

The colour is described as Olympic White, but she has more of a Vintage White, creamy shine than most Olympic White guitars I've seen, which are usually too harsh on the eyes.



This is personal, but the pickups have to go. I can't stand the 60-cycle hum. They will be replaced with Dimarzio Virtual Vintage 54 Pros, as per recommendation of James Byrd.

The case is vintage reissue as well. Looks the part, and is decently made, but if you're going to be gigging this guitar, it may prove worthwhile to invest in one of those great SKB cases Fender offer with the American Standard series.


This is a great guitar overall. Even if I will replace the pickups, I can't hold that against Fender because they do what it says on the tin.

I already own a 70s reissue Mexican made Strat, and I was wondering if this guitar would be worth the 1000€ upcharge. You could easily get a MIM 70s Strat and a Deluxe Reverb for the same price as this guitar.

The answer is a resounding YES. This guitar is worth every single penny. She has awakened the neo classical wanker in me, for better or worse.

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