Dimarzio Super Distortion (DP-100)

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60$ US
Humbucker/Single Coil/Stacked Single: 
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AlNico/Ceramic/Not sure: 
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B.C Rich MockingBird Special X
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The adjustable allan key poles acquire rust on them quicker than other styles.

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Pickup wiring schematics for multiple guitar styles are available for download on the Dimarzio website.


The Dimarzio Super Distortion pickup. It's a classic tone you’ll know when you hear it. This pickup was used by many of my favorite artists. Metal legends like Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Randy Rhoads, Ace Frehley, Glenn Tipton, and Paul Gilbert all used the SD as an integral part of their classic tones.

The SD is a very high output pickup, featuring ceramic magnets and overwound coils. As such, they excel at distorted guitar tones and can help increase distortion on classic Marshall amplifiers. They provide very good sustain, and you can achieve controlled feedback easily by holding a chord or single string. 

I would describe the tone of this pickup as “fat juicy crunch.”  It has a vocal quality in the lower mids that I don’t hear in many other pickups. Highs don’t pierce, yet they jump when you want them to, because of the high output. If you dig into the strings you get all the crunch you need.

I wouldn’t recommend using the SD in the neck position, as it is mid and bass heavy. They lack clarity for clean tones, and single notes are too thick and brittle. They don't have the classic chime of a PAF. However with the right amp settings, or on a trebly amp like a Marshall, you might overcome this problem.

So while the clean sounds aren’t top notch, I still consider the SD a go-to pickup for early heavy metal sounds.  Many metal classics, such as: The Trooper, Suicide Solution, Living After Midnight, and God of Thunder were recorded with them.

If you want those tones, this pickup does them!

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