1x12 Cabs

The 1x12 cabs seem to be the best balance between tone, practicality, and reality for the Dino aged 35 or older. And for my tonal taste, particularly the Bogner closed back 1x12 cubes.

Here’s a few benefits:

  • They're comparitively light, and don't take up much room. A pair of them are as loud as a 2x12 cab, but they're much easier to lift, transport, and store.
  • You can use one as a practice amp, and even a low watt amp will push it hard enough to sound good (and loud).
  • You can run a 50 or 100 watt through one or two of them and they produce great Dino tone at medium to loud volumes for gigging, and they do a great impersonation of a 4x12 closed back thump for either a recording mic or a gigging mic.
  • You can run a pair of them in stereo and you'll sound bigger, than you will with one 2x12 or 4x12.
  • You could run more than two of them (mono or stereo) if you were so inclined.

The only case where they may not work for you is if you get into volume wars with other guitarists using half stacks or stacks.

Great 1x12 cabs include Bogner's Cube cab, a 33 lb closed-back cab that thinks it's a vintage Marshall 4x12 cab.