Gibson Tony Iommi Pickups

This reviewer is not afilliated with DRG - I found it on the web. But I have a set of these pups, and I agree with much of this review. Dinosaur David B. 

By Monster Matt Mason.

Tony Iommi PAF is Gibson's First Signature Pickup. Tony Iommi, who pioneered heavy metal guitar with Black Sabbath, blazes a new trail in pickup design with the Tony Iommi Signature humbucker--the first signature pickup in the 60-year history of Gibson electric guitars. The Iommi Signature pickup is based on the pickups that Tony had custom-wound for him by John Birch in England.

At the 1996 Musik Messe (the international trade show) in Frankfurt, Germany, Tony approached Gibson to see if we could duplicate the powerful, punchy sound of his custom pickups. Gibson's R&D head J.T. Riboloff successfully duplicated the complex combination of tones that makes Tony's guitar so instantly recognisable. Tony says he actually likes the sound of these pickups better than his originals, and he's had several new custom-made Gibson SG's loaded with them. The Tony Iommi signature is easily recognisable by its closed chrome cover, which adds a clean, distinctive look. On the underside, it carries Gibson's famous "Patent Applied For" decal, indicating Gibson's intention of protecting its unique construction.

The Review:
This is the best pickup I've ever heard!!!!! And I have owned them all. Ear bleeding highs, super warm mids, and very nice low end. NOTHING compares with this monster.

It is double potted with both hot wax and epoxy, so you'll never get feedback unless you ask for it! I am using this in both the neck and bridge positions!.  This pickup is just soooooooo versatile, it's not TOO MUCH of any thing. I guess it also depends on technique (Yeah fingers have a bit to do with it ;-) Ed.)

I also have the Jimmy Page 4 push\pull pot set-up. So, this Gibson sounds like anything I want it to! SYMPTOM OF THE UNIVERSE sounds excellent, the Iommi pickup also does quite well with the old METALLICA sound. Its everywhere you want to be!   The honeymoon is NOT over with these pickups, in fact I like them BETTER than I did when I first bought them!!! I have the Jimmy Page wiring in my axe, 4 push/pulls and with these Gibson

Tony Iommi Pickups I can get just about any tonal range I am looking for. The Iommi's are NASTY yet soothing, excellent string presence and flat out at 10 they wail, around 4 very warm and clean. Everything I could ask for in a pickup...and more.

I've previously used the DiMarzio PAF Pro, that was too thin and tin like sounding...These Iommi's are "THE BOMB". (is that a slang word in Aus.???) In the US it means the greatest, it's tits, the shit, KILLER. (I think the Aussie equivalent is Grouse, or Sick, Ed.)

The only drawback may be the price. Look around, as I did, and you'll half the price.I give them a 10+++++++ rating, when only the best will do!!Sorry if I sound like an ad for the pickup, but it is awesome.

By Matt Mason