Close Mic-ing a Speaker with an SM57

There are many ways to mic speakers in cabs, but the most basic, time-tested way is to close mic with a single, Shure SM57. If the sound coming from your rig is happening, you should just be able to put an SM57 on the speaker and get pretty good results.  Usually you start with the mic 90 degrees perpendicular right up to the grill, but not touching it. If not pointed dead center at the cone, maybe 2 inches off center in any direction. That usually produces pretty good, reliable results.  You can experiment a bit from there, but unless you have someone helping you, it's gonna be really tedious -- move the mic. Record. Go listen. Move the mic. Record. Go listen. And you do that until you find the optimum results from YOUR gear and environment  -- or at least until your happy with what your hearing in the recorded results.

From Chubtone

Move the mic, listen, record, listen. Like Dave said. There is a sweet spot. I have been in studios with killer old Marshall cabs and seen where the engineer had taken permanent marker or paint to the grill of the amp to mark precisely where they liked to mic.

When I found a spot that sounded the best I have ever found on my Bogner cabinet I wanted to mark it too. I'm not permanent markering up a Bogner cane front cab, you know. I went down to the garage and grabbed my kids sidewalk chalk and drew a circle around the mic on the grill. I also put masking tape on the side and bottom of the cab and marked the intersection of where the sweet spot was in case my extreme metalness blasted all the chalk particles off of the grill.  smile Like I've mentioned before that cabinet is miked up in my closet and the mic has not been moved in three years.

For this cabinet, the sweet spot is 1/2" off of the grill, pointed directly at the speaker at a 90 degree angle, right at the very outside edge of the center dust cover. It took a long time to find the right spot. Moving the mic 1" is like putting a different EQ curve on your sound. The good guys can EQ their recordings this way.