Planet Waves Guitar Rest

Guitar Rest
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The picture says it all. Put this rubber thing on the edge of your recording desk, amp, cab, or table, and you can set your guitar down without the fear of it falling over, and without the hassles and footprint of a clunky guitar stand. The front area holds the guitar and the top area holds your picks. 


If you do home recording and play while sitting at your recording desk, where you're constantly picking up your guitar to track and putting it down to work in your DAW, this little device is invaluable. Unlike a normal guitar stand, your strap and your chord won't get caught on it every time you pick up your guitar. If you're guitar has a fancy finish that you're worried about, you can put a mat or a towel on the floor underneath to protect the bottom. 

Makes a dandy coaster when not in use.


This thing provides temporary security from your guitar falling over, but it's not as secure as a proper stand. Occaisionally the thing falls off the desk. You might want to stick it down with a tape doughnut depending on the surface you're using it on.


Best $7.00 piece of guitar kit I've ever purchased! I personally wouldn't use this device at gigs where sound men and other musicians are milling about the stage, often in the dark, and I probably wouldn't even use it in rehearsals (YMMV), but for $7.00, it's a huge win in the recording studio if you're tracking at the desk. 

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