Chubtone California Custom San Dimas Style Superstrat

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Price/Quality... $1500 isn’t nothing, all guitars at this price point SHOULD be great, unfortunately they aren’t, this Chubtone IS, in fact it‘s as good or better than other guitars of this style that are $1000 more, more than reasonable.

Features and options... This particular guitar was an in-stock model, but I do have another that was custom ordered to my specs, and there was no shortage of options. This has a German made Original Floyd, Gotoh tuners, Seymour Duncan 59/JB pickups, all top notch parts. In addition to multiple wood options, Chubtone also has multiple options for neck contours, number of frets, truss rod access points, etc.

Finish... Nitrocellulose finish seems to be the prefer finish Chubtone uses on its guitars, when appropriate, this feature is more often then not a pricey upcharge from other companies, I’ve seen them mark up the price over a $1000 for a “Music Zoo Exclusive Nitro San Dimas”

Setup out of the box was spot on.


Ummm... Matt’s a doofus! I had a shipping issue, but it was easily fixed, might have even been partly my fault. 

I didn‘t have any issues with communication, but I have heard complaints about email responses... I don’t expect replies on the weekend.


Anyone who has been a member of this forum the last 10+ years knows Curt, knows what kind of guitars Curt likes, so it’s no surprise what he’s making, he’s all about the hot rodded superstrats popular in 80’s LA, these are faithful to those guitars, and they are made for professional musicians. However, you aren’t just limited to the classic San Dimas and So Cal style superstrats... Want a more traditional Strat? They’ll make it. Want a Tele shaped hot rod? They’ll make that. Want a Star? You got it. Want a Soloist or Dinky shape? Ask for it. My second Chubtone, tribute build, based on Jake E Lee’s red Strat, has neck that feels much more like a standard modern C Strat... Hell, they can build you a Strat for about the cost of a USA American Standard/Professional, and it would be, IMHO, better, probably up there with Elites and Custom Shops. I’ve bought several things from Curt over the years, guitars, amps, pickups, Floyd, and he has always done right by me, never had issues... Planning another.

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