BOSS eBand JS-10 Jam Band Guitar/Bass Trainer

Price Paid: 
400 USD

BOSS eBand JS-10 Jam Band Guitar/Bass Trainer Features:

  • The perfect way to turn your living room, bedroom, dorm, or anywhere else into a wonderful practice space 
  • A complete all-in-one trainer and music player for guitar, bass, and even vocals
  • A must-have practice tool for anyone taking or giving guitar or bass lessons
  • Dual main inputs for either guitar or bass, plus a microphone input provides you with a full range of practice options
  • Jam along with over 350 audio loops and 50 excellent complete backing tracks
  • Play back your favorite MP3 or WAV files via SD Card or USB flash media
  • Minus-one center cancelation lets you cut out vocals in your music files
  • Slow down difficult passages to master solos and tough riffs
  • Transpose your music on the fly
  • Loaded with amazing BOSS guitar and bass effects plus killer COSM amplifier models
  • 2 independent effects channels lets you rock out with a friend or bandmate
  • Built-in 2.1 stereo system with active subwoofer makes your effects, amp models, and backing tracks spring to life
  • Functionally, this is a next-gen upgrade over the phrase Trainers that TASCAM offers (and I've used the hell out of those).  But these guys have considered all the technological wants people have at this point in history, and addressed them. You can load your own music/songs into the JS-10 via a USB thumbdrive, or via a USB cord to your computer, and manage the songs via software (ala iTunes, but much simpler). You can use headphones, or not. 
  • The sound quality via DSP chip provides effects and COSM amps equivalent to Boss' flagship GT-100 -- BFD! It's not a tube amp, and doesn't sound like one. But it's fine for practice.  
  • It has many of the Boss effects and others (like Tube Screamers) you can dial in and tweak your tone. While nice -- it's  STILL not a tube amp --but it's fine for practice.  
  • I like jamming to looping backing tracks. This lets you work out things in different generes at different tempos. Your phrasing will improve dramatically. 
  • You can load in your own backing tracks of any type and work anything you want over them (i.e. compose guitar parts or a solo for an original song.)
  • You can record yourself over any track, and then export it if you like. Record riffs/ideas, or see if your jamming actually sounded good. 
  • The interface is quite intuative, compared to say, the TASCAM stuff. Getting a good mix of you live over your backing is simple. 
  • You can dial in the closest amp sound to your own and tweak it and the associated effect sound(s). 
  • Two separate inputs. Jam with a friend. 
  • It's not very portable. 
  • Could really use a Pause button for playbacks.
  • Tempo seems to be measured in percentage rather than BPM.
  • They give you a tuner, but not a metronome.  You can patch one in via an AUX in (phone app or whatever), which is fine, but you'd think they'd have just included a decent nome. 
  • They give you a lot of backing tracks, but you'll probably only use a quater of them. 

I purchased this as a practice tool. And for that it's really good!  If you're someone who wants to work licks out over backing tracks, load your own songs in, and slow them down to learn them, this does all that. 

The features are modern and current. The sounds of the canned backing tracks aren't much better than backing tracks on drum machines were 15 years ago -- but they don't have to be. This still does the job.

A nice, desktop practice tool. 

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