Brian Moore i2000 i9F

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Mahogany Body, Flame Maple Top
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From Brian Moore

  • Comfort contoured body
  • Unique sculpted headstock
  • Bolt-on neck construction
  • Kalantas Mahogany body and highly figured maple top
  • 24 fret, 3-piece Maple neck, Rosewood board
  • 25.5" scale 15" radius
  • Seymour Duncan Pickups with coil tapping
  • Chrome hardware
  • Non-locking Tuners
  • Innovative output jack location
  • Floyd Rose vibrato

Mine was bought used in 2015, and is a 2002 model, so it's fairly old, and needed the licensed Floyd replaced, with a Gotoh GE1996T, but based on how well this guitar is made I believe the original tremolo was a solid unit as well, it felt well made. The Gotoh Floyd is great, and I got it new for under $100, easily as good as a German OFR, it has the solid hardened steel of the OFR, but with the looser feel that I think the Ibanez Edge has (also made by Gotoh), best of both worlds. I also replaced the Duncan JB and Alnico 2 Pro, with an Alternative 8 in the bridge (I posted a review for that pickup a few years back) and a Jazz bridge in the neck position, personal choice, the original pickups sounded good.

I like the look and feel of the body contour, very comfortable to play. The jack location is nice, I'm always stepping on the cord, the location of the jack really does keep it out of the way, but so does simply wrapping over the strap.

The neck is well made, fretwork is easily as good as any USA or MIJ production line guitar.

Both humbuckers have individual coil splittling, both volume and tone pots are push pull, giving you a little more tonal choices than the usual 1 push pull pot... But I don't use them.

Price... On the used market these guitars are very cheap, I've seen these Korean made Brian Moore's for $300.

  • The neck, while fast and comfortable, is a bit thin, almost Ibanez thin, flat.
  • I like it, but a little more of a C shape would be nice.
  • Not a fan of lacquered necks, may need to go over it with some sand paper.
  • This guitar weighs a ton.

I really do like this guitar, I can't understand why they don't command more money on the used market, even the USA models can be had for $1500 or less. I would buy another in a heartbeat, they use top notch parts, the fixed bridge models have Sperzel locking tuners, and are made at World Music. Steer clear of the Chinese made i1000 models, it's my understanding that those guitars put a hurting on the Brian Moore name, and really are terrible.

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