Sully 624

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Maple w/ Bloodwood
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Mahogany body

Bound maple neck with compound radius ebony fingerboard, Bloodwood laminates

Jescar stainless steel jumbo frets

Gotoh tuners

String through body bridge

Seymour Duncan Blackout humbuckers


Very lightweight and well balanced, especially considering how light the body is. Belly and lap contours are especially comfortable when playing sitting down.

Super smooth oiled neck, great contour, rounded and beefy but not like a boat. Fretboard is fast, fretwork is top notch, binding is well done, stainless steel frets are smooth. The rounded neck joint allows full and comfortable access to all frets.

Tone is neutral to warm, one would think with a maple neck, ebony board, and stainless steel frets that it would be bright, but it's not.

The Seymour Duncan Blackout humbuckers are insane, extremely versatile, very natural sounding. They literally do everything from blues to metal. They are very responsive to the volume control.

Sully himself. Jon Sullivan is available virtually 24/7, and it's always great when you can talk to the actual builder, instead of a customer service rep reading from a script.



The build time was a little long, about 3 years total, but in Sully's defense the initial build wasn't the final build, it's a different guitar with the same basic specs. Sully offered me the lighter weigh body, which also required a new neck... I couldn't pass up the new body and neck... So in reality, from the time he made the offer for the new body and neck, till shipping, it was under a year... Sully also wasn't a full time builder. Since going all in, building full time, he's down to 8 months or so, depending on the build, and he's basically a one man show, though he has since outsourced paint. The pot Duncan supplies with the Blackouts crapped out on me after just 10 months. That's it.


I can't stop singing the praises of this guitar and builder. Awesome all around, and I would definitely buy another. The guitars are a reflection of the builder. My guitar was built at a time when Sully was still building whatever someone wanted, today he has more defined features and models, still plenty of options, but standard pickups are now GJ2 Habanero pickups, having owned a GJ2, I can say they are great pickups. You can check out the options on the below link by clicking custom quote.

Sully also offers building classes, neck or body, or a whole guitar building classe, something I am seriously considering for next year, the videos from the classes look fun, and they get tacos!!! I do need to mention, Sully had to raise his prices, as building is no longer a side thing for him, it's his livelihood now, but the prices are still more than reasonable for an American custom/boutique guitar, about $2400 for mine... And let's face it, there are Indonesian made Ibanez and Mexican made Charvel guitars being sold for $100 more than I paid for my Sully, $1300 for this build was absurdly low.

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