SKB V-Type Guitar Soft Case

Flying V soft case/gig bag
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$105 USD
The SKB 1SKB-SC58 fits V-style guitars and offers the superior protection of the very same rigid-foam inserts found in SKB's hardshell guitar case line, but with the style and portability of a softshell gigbag or backpack case.
SKB soft guitar cases feature a rugged, weather-resistant, 600-denier ballistic nylon exterior with a hard-core EPS foam interior to provide more substantial protection than a conventional gig bag.
The SKB 1SKB-SC58's exterior features two zippered pouches, one with numerous internal compartments for organized accessory storage, and an adjustable padded backpack strap for easy transport. The hard foam interiors are plush-lined and offer full-neck support to cradle the guitar neck more securely than a conventional guitar gigbag. 
It has two padded shoulder straps, a case-style handle, and a hanging handle on the neck. 

This case is a great idea. From the inside, it's a hard shell case, from the outside, it's a gig bag. With the hard-core EPS foam interior, there is plenty of structure here to protect a V shaped guitar (including a Super Avianti) and provide FAR more substantial protection than a conventional gig bag. You cannot actually feel any part of your guitar from the outside of the case. Your guitar will think it's a hard shell case. However, when you throw it over your shoulder, you will think it's a gig bag. It's light, portable, and has all the benefits of a gig bag.


It's a little bulkier than a soft shell gig bag, but that is by-design, and obvious prior to purchase. The zipper design feels a little wonky as the zippers cover all but about ten inches of the case's circumference. See the photo. That is, it's a lonnnnng way around to zip and unzip. The bag doesn't stay open the way a guitar case does. The top part flops down. The pull tag for the interior box came off very quickly -- and it's not like I was using it much.


I have been spoiled by the convenience of gig bags. I spent a few weeks lugging my Super Avianti back and forth to work, and to gigs in its hard shell case and though it's not even that heavy, I absolutely hated carrying the hard case. It was awkward going through doors, and it put undue strain and weight on my wrist and arm. So I started looking for a V shaped gig bag and I found this case, which is even better, as it provides provides the best of both worlds -- good protection for an expensive guitar, AND the portability of a gig bag. It's more than I expected to find, and perfect for my needs.

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