If You Want Blood Cover

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A couple of friends of a friend of mine did a cover of this classic. Jimmy Chalfant is just a monster on drums and Brad is one of those guys that never cease to amaze me. I thought maybe a few people here would dig this. I couldn't embed the video, so you'll have to click on the link. It's a Facebook video.


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    Bloody superb mate, the thing I really enjoyed is they played it straight but in their own way, I have seen some many covers of AC/DC where the guitar players just wank all over the changes and whilst some of it is very clever, it leaves me thinking "really? why? because you can? rather listen to Angus thanks "  But these guys, class job on a class tune. Respect to them
  • I love it! 
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    I've always felt that the hard rock/metal scene on the midatlantic/east coast was overlooked by a lot of people. Wrathchild, Kix, Harpo, Funny Money and the rest had some awesome musicians. I've been lucky enough to meet some of these guys. Most of them are still active and putting out great stuff. 
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    This was bad ass! Loved it, thanks :) 
  • That was freaking awesome. That guy is 4/5 AC/DC himself. So cool to watch, thanks for posting it.
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    Excellent cover. They really did the song justice. Lots of talent in this!  :+1: 
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    Chuck....what has Brad Divens been up to since Wrathchild America? I loved the ‘Climbing The Walls’ album. Looks like he has a pretty nice home studio. Great cover. I enjoyed that.
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    Brad has been a mixing engineer for a long time. He's also done some producing. He works at Fixin to get Mixin studio. He has a killer podcast/youtube show he does that is worth following. 
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