Les Paul(ish) Schecter - very well made for under $1500

24.75 scale
ebony board
compound radius 12-16
stainless steel frets
body contour on the back

I threw me guitar out. Why bother? Why bother? Use it as a coffee table. Because I can't play it like that. 
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  • SnoogansSnoogans Posts: 1,715
    OK, now I really want one of those!
    Still a bit spendy for me though, and Lord knows how much they'll end up costing by the time they reach these sunny isles.
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  • Seven MoonsSeven Moons Posts: 8,955
    I think you can't go wrong with Schecters built by WMI in Korea. Specs and quality are top notch. The Loomis sig model I own is flawless. I'd buy another Schecter without the slightest hesitation. 
  • StitselStitsel Posts: 2,208
    I like it better than a regular LP.....it has all the high end appointments I'd want in a Paul, for about a 1/3 the price....I'd swap out the hardware for all black & be done w/it.....wow, nice guitar

  • Every Schecter I see is  gas inducter. 
  • Gunner4LifeGunner4Life Posts: 6,351
    I had a Schecter 7 string, WMI made, the thing was under $600, was the Damien Elite 7... Grover tuners, tone pros bridge, EMG 81/85 7’s, bound body/neck/headstock... was one of the nicest playing and sounding guitars I’ve had. I don’t know where the corners were cut, probably pots and switch, but they could have sold that thing for over a grand and it would have been justified 
  • I have never played a Schecter I didn't like. Oddly enough, they never seem to be on my radar when I am on the market. A few years ago a friend was a distributor and I went to check one of the signature models. I don't remember whose it was (I am not familiar with modern rock stars)  but it had an ebony fretboard and an original Floyd Rose. That thing played itself, and it had excellent craftsmanship. Glad I saw this post, it might be something I consider in the future. 
  • MAdXMAdX Posts: 2,053
    I was sceptical but they've pretty much hit a home run with the specs. Basically my Les Paul Standard has more or less the same features but I have probably paid 50% of its original value in upgrades. 
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