Just some thoughts from the front lines of this bullshit.

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I'm not going to glorify my job:  I stock groceries at Walmart.  I've not been given the two weeks off or any of that bullshit.  I have been working 48 hour weeks for the last two months.  The pay is good (I bought a new truck, so there's that), but fuck, why aren't these zombies staying home?  I mean, I could be a carrier, an asymptomatic person, and you wouldn't know.  Why do you come to my store, flaunt the 6 foot social distancing, and bring your six children with you?  Are these people stupid?

I've got a cousin whose in-laws died from this shit.  My niece was exposed to her boyfriend's room mate who had it (so I didn't get to see her on her break).  I'm wearing a mask every day, even though it fogs up my glasses, because that's the time we're living in.  Things are different.

Just.  Stop.   Stop coming to the store for 55" TVs and jewelry.  That $1200 stimulus was for essentials, you morons.  It's essential that I get to work to serve your sorry asses, so yeah, I put it towards the truck.  That's to benefit YOU.  Ungrateful bastards.  And now my county has a policy that states all customers must wear masks.  Are they?  No.  Is there enforcement?  No.  These unmasked people are at risk of transmitting it to us.  We put in hard hours, get no recognition, and just eat the shit.  I have one attendance violation (the limit is 5) and 8 hours of Protected Paid Time Off.  Just test me.  I'll walk out and there's nothing they can do.

If you're shopping at a retail store at this time, give a shout out to the people who are filling your shelves and enabling you to live your lives in a somewhat-normal manner.  I work at the store, so I'm getting the necessities for my 78 yo mom for her at the end of my shift.

Oh, I just mean, give us some slack.  Don't call us heroes.  My brother served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He's a hero.  I'm just a retail slave trying to serve my community.  

Stay safe, mask up, and wait it out.  It's going to end sometime.  I love my Dino friends.
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    Well said John.
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    I am with you man....I work at Whole Foods....and what really annoys me is seeing a few of the same people almost every day. That's not what this quarantine is for. Go to the store once or twice a week and get what you need. I get that people want to get out of the house....fine...walk your dog or hike a trail. Not to get political but I am hoping they pass the proposed bill that gives hazard pay to essential workers. That would be nice. It is very stressful going into work everyday knowing you are exposed. I am not a hero either.....just worried and not looking to lay out of work.
  • I agree you anyone in retail is providing an essential service, needs to be appreciated more. Thank you. 
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    otcconan: I'm wearing a mask every day, even though it fogs up my glasses:

    I heard shaving cream on the lenses, then clean em up, and they won't fog up anymore.(don't know for sure if it works.

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    Good to see you´re all taking precautions, stay as safe as possible and do your bit.
    My life hasn´t changed much in these corona times, I´ve been disabled since 2013, my disabilty came through spring 19.

    And since then I´ve mostly been at home in my terracehouse, with my small garden, 3000+ vinyl collection, 12 guitars, amps and two cats.
    I pretty much keep to myself, and the corona precautions haven´t changed that much.
    I used to see my oldest grown up son every monday, to dinner, but I have some small heart problems, and damaged kidneys after years of untreated hypertension, so I´m not in the best shape, if I get corona, and my sons wife is expecting their first this june, and nobody seem to know how corona affects pregnant people or foetuses, so we take no chances, and have stopped our weekly dinner arrangement.
    My son designs PC games, so he can work on his laptop from home.
    My youngest son lives in sweden, and we talked on the phone yesterday, he was quite bummed out that he hasn´t seen his big brother in a couple of months, they have very different personalities but are very close.

    So yeah, I´m actually OK with these corona isolation/quarantine precautions.

    Hope you all are well and all come out safe and well on the other side of this shitshow.
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    I do most of my work on the upcoming album remotely, so the virus stay-at-home isn't that debilitating for me. My girl was at first bummed out about working out at the Y (she has her girlfriends who work out there), but I fixed that by setting us up with a home gym.

    I do make the mistake of forgetting things and having to go to the store a few times a week as opposed to one or two, but after reading the above I'm going to try to be more considerate and narrow it down (and keep better grocery lists).
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    I've been really lucky in all this most of my students have made the transition to online lessons without any difficulty. 
    Most of my friends here in NYC have not been so lucky, I have a lot of friends who work on Broadway and that is shut down for the foreseeable future and all of my friends who work as wait staff have been suffering. $600 a week doesn't go very far in NYC. 
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  • Since this C19 crap started my wife and I have started using the order your groceries on line and being alerted when to pick them up.  Not being lazy, but reducing the number of people we have to come in contact with.  
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    I've tried doing right and staying safe since day #1.
    Maybe not 100% perfect but, I'm trying. 
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    I’ve been working from home since the start of March. All of our food is delivered via the online services of the supermarkets here in the UK. If you need to go to the shops you have to wear a mask by law - and the shops enforce it. No mask, no entry.  None of this is an inconvenience. My brother, sister in law have all had COVID but thankfully not severely. Why people won’t follow basic rules and use common sense is beyond me. 
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    we just got a stay of execution here, in New Orleans this afternoon.  it's not the operators, such as myself, that are the problem, it's the general public's attitude toward the crisis.  nobody in this town has ever really given a fuck, and that has not changed since covid.
  • *rant on*
    Anyone here live in Sweden? I read they didn't shut down a fucking thing and their infection/death rates are nearly identical to Finland. ZERO deaths age 1-19. I have no doubts (from working in a hospital) that the virus is real and can be deadly. For instance, one of my Drs contracted it the day before he retired, and it nearly killed him. But the majority (80%) of those infected have only mild symptoms. Those severely affected have major underlying issues like hypertension, obesity, diabetic, COPD, etc., and it's very likely the seasonal flu would've derailed these patients as well. I fear that the casualties from depression and suicides from people losing their livelihoods will be worse than COVID deaths. I question the whole world panicking over this virus, and the fear-mongering media. With the numbers falling rapidly, I think this thing is almost over, and after tanking the economy and closing businesses, I think we're all going to feel like we've been duped. 
    *rant off*
  • Sweden was not completely open, but their policies are easily accessible.
    However, their death rates are hugely higher than Finland and other Scandinavian neighbours

    Finlands rate is 61 deaths per million population
    Denmarks is 109 deaths per million
    Norways rate is 49 deaths per million

    Swedens rate is 578 deaths per million population  i.e. nearly 10x worse than Finland

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