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  • Hi all,  theres a mass of options tone and gain wise, still sussing out with the app 4 weeks in!.  Like many I love warming up w some dino F# shredding, this is the best Gary/Ritchie setting I've found yet on the Katana. Settings were brown tone, digital delay and hall reverb.

    Listen to F# Minor Dino intro.m4a by Guitarlicks on #SoundCloud

    LOL - I started singing Mistreated about 5 times - Then you played it !!!

    Ha.....yeah,  lotta fun! Love the way Ritchie nudges the D string F# note with his tremelo picking btw to give almost an accidental '5th' tonality. Most noticeable I guess on Rainbow 'On stage'.
  • Eclipse IIEclipse II Posts: 321
    After messing around with this thing for a few weeks I'm not all that impressed. There is a harshness that is hard to dial out. I wanted something with more flexibility in channel switching than my Amp1 BluGuitar set up (which I still love), but this ain't the answer, for me anyway. Overall it's ok...I never did get to try it with the band as we've been on a summer break...but if something isn't blowing my skirt up after 3 weeks it probably never will. So, I'll have it up for sale soon on Reverb.

    I AM excited about the fact that I just bought the Headrush pedalboard though. :-) Now this thing looks promising!

    There seems to be a general consensus on the Katana Facebook groups that you need to go into Tone Studio and use the Global EQ to get rid of any harshness.  Might be worth a try. 
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