Tommy Emmanuel, Josh Smith and Joe Bonammasa on a cruise ship

Tommy Sweeps on the electric 
Josh is a monster
Joe sweats a lot and holds it together, but it is his blues cruise  !


  • Jay GJay G Posts: 2,696
    Tommy is the best thing going today.  I have only ever seen him play electric on video but his acoustic work is spectacular. Has to be seen live to be believed.
  • The SeekerThe Seeker Posts: 628
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    For me Antonio Forcione comes close and has a great humour in his playing (last couple of minutes show that), but he plays jazz, gypsy, world, classical.  Caught him live a couple of times and he's up there with the great man !

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  • inmyhandsinmyhands Posts: 11,704
    Tommy is today's Chet Atkins. What Chet was to other players in the '50s and '60s Tommy is to other players for the last 20 years. His electric work occurs mainly on his earliest releases, (which were excellent), but his ability to totally master everything an acoustic player could ever hope to master makes him a true grail all other acoustic players would look to when grading their own talents. Tommy is the bull's eye for those targeting the goal of being the best of the best! I don't see any acoustic player on the rise that will hit the bull's eye, (much less create a new target to aim for), but I'm sure many players thought the same about Chet.

    Tommy is our current Chet.
  • Dinosaur David BDinosaur David B Posts: 18,283
    Tommy is amazing, but his recent "best-of" release (available on spotify) seems like a snooze to me compared to other things I've heard by him. 
    I threw me guitar out. Why bother? Why bother? Use it as a coffee table. Because I can't play it like that. 
    -- David St. Hubbins.
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