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This might be of interest to NWOBHM nostalgics here:  Angel Witch will release a new album "Angel of Light" on december 1st. This will be their first album since their 2012 comeback "As above, so below", which was a really solid opus after a hiatus of 26 (!) years.  

Here's a first single. IMO it sounds very much like the material off "As above, so below".  Kevin Heybourne has managed to retain the band's style and sound, even though at that point Angel Witch is essentially his solo project. 

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  • Did you like it Vincent? I did not, but I was never a big fan of these guys.
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  • Did you like it Vincent? I did not, but I was never a big fan of these guys.
    I think it's in line with their 2012 album, solid but not essential. I wouldn't buy the new one based on that particular song, but I'll check it out. Typically all those early NWOBHM bands who made a "recent" comeback (Diamond Head, Satan...) put out solid albums but nothing I'd listen to more than a couple of times. 
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    Musically this band was always pretty good....but his vocals always ruin it for me. I bought the album in 2012 and I remember it being ok. I have a copy of their first album on vinyl....I put it on a couple months back....the intro was killer and then he started singing.....and I could not get through the song and took the record off the player.
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    Sounds cool to me!
    I definitely check it out. I liked their comeback album and spun it a lot when it was new, kind of forgot about after a while though and haven't listened to it in years..

    Saw them live in 2012, it was cool. But essentially it is mostly that one famous song they have that sort of carries the whole show, haha! It is bad ass though.

    For my money the reformed Diamond Head is the kings of the NOWBHM-heap these days.
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