Frank Marino Live at the Agora Theatre


  • MelodicGritMelodicGrit Posts: 601
    Ordered!  I'm sure it'll be excellent, just wish it was released separately in audio format of some sort as well.
  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,323
    I want to watch it but can't do Blu-ray. Would've been nice if it's on YouTube for a price.
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  • Andy GAndy G Posts: 1,012
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    I'm ordering this, when I can afford it


    (lack of willpower and a credit card are a bad combination...) ;)
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  • OskyOsky Posts: 1,056
    I'd love this but its way out of my price range, especially with the Pound in the doldrums at the mo.
  • inmyhandsinmyhands Posts: 11,650
    I'm in the middle of repairing and repainting our entire covered front deck, wheel chair ramp and carport including a new 8 ½' X 13' outdoor carpet, new chair cushions and whatever else Debi thinks is a must.

    That said ................ Frank performing live would make her melt into the couch.

    Ordered ! ! ! ! !  Frank's at his finest when he takes the stage and lets the magic happen. 

    To some of our younger members. This is a chance to experience excellent '70s live music where a mix of a song's original score is tied to "off the cuff" soloing and Guitar God stage presence. Frank owns whatever stage he's playing on and his fans adore him.
  • RoadRacerXRoadRacerX Posts: 843
    Frank Marino is one of those dudes I'd heard about, but largely ignored in my formative guitar years. I recently added his entire library to my Amazon music account. I've been listening to him to and from my job, and the traffic doesn't seem to bother me much anymore. What great melody and phrasing! At age 57, I'm a new huge fan.
  • inmyhandsinmyhands Posts: 11,650
           Before going in on a midnight shift last night I checked the mailbox and found the Frank Marino discs had arrived. I'd saved this delivery as a surprise for Debi and when she opened the package she pretty much freaked out. She's in hippie / flower child heaven, (looks a lot like Woodstock but with more flowers, less mud and a better sound system).
           When I get the time needed to watch it I'll post again.

  • BytorBytor Posts: 1,595
    This dvd package was the lone thing on my Christmas list and , my lovely wife splurged and made it happen.
     It, in a word,, is exceptional!
    This takes me back to a very good place in time.. B)
  • I just read the book that came with the DVDs and will watch the concert today.  Stoked!  
  • BytorBytor Posts: 1,595
    I haven't even opened the book yet and I'm thru 2 of the 3 sets.
    I collect show dvds. 200+ at present count. This is easily top 10. Maybe top 5. B)

    I railed against the price in another thread somewhere. $100 is steep.  Still think it's a bit steep but it's unique to say the least. I'd forgotten how good Frank is..

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