this has been a weird NFL football season.  some of the best games in years, but absolutely the worst officiating i've ever seen.  still, compelling football being played every week.  the Chicago Bears look near-invincible right now.


  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,597
    It has been a weird season....and yes the officiating blows. The roughing the passer calls have to stop. Let these guys play real football. They even call roughing the passer when it doesn't fit the current rule. 

    Like the Bears of 10 or so years ago....their Defense looks good.....but they don't look invincible to me right now. Their offense is pretty weak. They did stop one of the best offenses last night against The Rams....but the Rams played like shit. 

    New Orleans is still the team to beat. They had a hiccup against Dallas and played a poor first half against Tampa yesterday....but they got it together in the second half. The road to the Super Bowl is going through New Orleans...and I don't see anyone in the NFC beating them there....not The Bears or The Rams....and their is nobody in the AFC the matches up with them. KC is the only team that would have a chance....or maybe New England on a good day.
  • i hope you're correct.  a home playoff game would be God's very gift, here.
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