Neil Giraldo?

any love for Pat Benatar's husband, here?  i always loved his solos.  for me, he mixed atonality with very memorable hooks, delivered with plenty of attitude. Promises in the Dark, Precious Time, and many others are great fun to play.  as a former cover band entertainer, i always looked forward to the Benatar songs in any set.


  • I've always liked Neil's playing and chops during the classic Benatar years.  I put him in a similar category to Elliot Easton (in the 80s anyway).  Both came up with many catchy melodic solos that were well written/played and always suited the songs.
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    I am a huge Giraldo fan. Love his playing on the early Benatar stuff. I always loved their cover of Sweet's "No You Don't". Not only were his solos great but I also loved his rhythm playing. I loved those staccato, muted arpeggios he would play.....and I know Jake E Lee lifted that technique from him. If you listen to the 'Bark At The Moon' album there are a lot of Giraldo style licks on that album....and on 'The Ultimate Sin' as well. I think Jake was heavily influenced by him. Giraldo is a beast of a player. "Precious Time" and "Hell is For Children are such great songs with great guitar work.....but most of his playing from the first 4 Benatar albums is just great.
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    Great player. I love all that old Benatar music. I saw a recent concert on Tv and he was tearing it up. He’s also one of my first exposures to BC Rich guitars. 
  • Giraldo and Benatar are an awesome combo. Having such a great singer makes very easy writing songs, because you can just let your imagination fly (Pat can easyly sing anything).

    Neil has tone, rithm and solo chops. And nice guitars.

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    Yep, love him. Awesome player, way underrated. Great riffs and rhythm playing, killer leads. 
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    I remember hearing Promises in the Dark in college, partying. At first I thought it was derivative, but less than a minute in and I was hooked. I love that song, and the solo is so memorable.

    Geraldo was a very good player with more than a couple of fine solos imo.

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    When I was in college (1980-84), if your band didn't play "Hit Me with Your Best Shot," you didn't work. I remember struggling to get the post-chorus clean part right. Spider made it look and sound east!
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    Pat didn't have a great deal of presence over here in the UK, the first thing I heard was Promises promo on The Old Grey Whistle Test which I loved. Fast forward a year or two and they played live on CH4's The Tube.... plenty of Neil's muted arpeggios and some cool 'out' bits. Check out the awesome solo on Heartbreaker, at 11.30 he does this mental descending chromatic run thru a delay pedal that sounds otherworldly! He definitely deserves more credit than he gets! 

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    I was avoiding this topic... but I just got back from the mexican restaurant where I downed two pitchers of Dos Equis, so fuck it...

    FUCK NEIL GIRALDO.  Motherfuck him and his fragile short dick ego cunt attitude up the ass with the biggest steel dildo available on the dark web.

    I worked for the miserable sack of shit who somehow managed to con the saintly Pat Benatar into marrying him a while ago.  Pat was one of the nicest people I've worked for as an ad hoc stagehand (second only to Chrissie Hynde).  But him?  CUNT.

    Apparently it stuck in his craw that Pat was the one who was showered with all the praise and attention back in the day (it never occurred to him that she was the one with actual, you know, talent). 

    You think touring as "Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo" moves more tix than "Pat Benatar" alone?  Ninja please.

    If his name wasn't on the marquee he (and by extension Pat) wouldn't tour at all.

    He demands a separate dressing room, catering spread, and sound check from his own wife and band.  He's an absolute dick to his own road crew and guitar tech.

    But the be all end all... whenever they do media; he demands that he be referred to as the "Legendary Neil Giraldo".

    Don't believe me?  Check this shit out:

    Props to all the outlets who tell him to go fuck himself.

    Eric Clapton is legendary.  Jimi Hendrix is legendary.  Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page are at least legendary to most guitar players.  Carlos Santana and Ed Van Halen have some name recognition with the general public at large.

    But nobody (save for music nerds or others who've had the misfortune of working for this shitbag such as myself) knows or gives a flying fuck about this cunt.  Neil, you ain't legendary.  Your wife is.  You're not.

    Fuck Neil Giraldo. 

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    ^ That was worth the price of admission. 

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    That’s the greatest thing I have read in months. Thank you kind sir :D
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  • that was awesome
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    ....still Neil Giraldo on those first 4 Pat Benatar albums....
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    Duojett71 said:
    ....still Neil Giraldo on those first 4 Pat Benatar albums....

    I definitely like several of his solos, but that video...legendary. I almost feel like taking that first sentence out lol.

    Legendary....WOW. I don't think there's anyone in my entire state whom knows who Neil even is (to be fair, you wouldn't find big crowds who knew Pat Benatar here, either, it's an...ugh...Phish state. Total deadheads.)

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    Lonesome Crow,
        You should down two pitchers prior to all of your posts. You could be a Dino Rock Superstar! A killer post for sure.

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