favorite non-dino solos



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    I do believe the hold music at my doc's office just provided me with another great Non Dino Solo.  Kevin Scott MacMichael of Cutting Crew's solos on both "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" and also "I've Been In Love Before."  
    Oops missed this one...good to see some love for MacMichael. That first Cutting Crew LP has some excellent pop rock tunes like One for the Mocking Bird and Any Colour. He formed a great guitar team with It Bites' Francis Dunnery whilst working with Planty in 93/94 too.
  • OskyOsky Posts: 1,078
    Don't think anyone has mentioned 10cc yet? The band's quirky pop songwriting and producing skills are usually what they are remembered for the most but Eric Stewart knocked out a few memorable solos too...

    I'm Mandy Fly Me

    Silly Love

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    Willie Nelson - On the Road Again (killer phrasing, timing & note choice... pretty sure it's Willie himself on the leads)

    Fastball - The Way (I loved this album growing up, very Beatles-esque on the vocals with some fat rocked-up hollow body guitar tones with the grind of a Tele, low gain grind & slapback delay)

    I most likely have more, just those 2 off the top of my head. Will be giving this thread a read. :thumbsup:

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    One solo I love is the one in the song "After Dark" by Tito & Tarantula in the movie From Dusk Til Dawn:

    I think sometimes if you try to play too technically, you lose something in the music - like you're playing for another guitar player. I like to play for people. The more sophisticated and mature guitarists become, the more they go with the feel.

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    That entire soundtrack was tasty!
    Death Or Glory - Who Dares Wins!
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    No apologies for resurrecting this necro-thread as I heard this on the radio yesterday and had forgotten how much I loved Stevie Salas' solo.... off the wall tapped harmonics very EVH! I love a lot of Salas's stuff but don't remember seeing him mentioned here tho... an overlooked funky dino?

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    Wonderful Robben Ford live solo at 2:40, but the whole thing is terrific

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