Any Love For Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

shaggyshaggy Posts: 870
They have been going for more than a decade but they're a relatively new band to me. They're essentially a pop band with rock, blues, country, gospel & soul influences & are clearly have a more 70's influence than modern pop music. I like several things about them, a lot of their songs have guitar solos, many short but respectful of the song, kind of Mike Campbell-ish, their brand of pop rock is not overly AOR ish or more modern power pop rock ala Nickelback, relying more on 70s influenced song writing. They are a proper band who write their own songs & play live & from the youtube clips I've seen look as if they're enjoying themselves. And Grace & one time bassist Cat Popper are easy on the eye.


  • maybeyesmaybeyes Posts: 4,522
    Haven't checked out their videos on youtube, but have a couple albums here.  Last two I think which are pretty good.  Good band with as you a more pop rock side that incorporates blues, jazz and country.  They do write some catchy tunes with a more 70's feel.

    Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.

  • Never heard of them, but Gibson makes a Grace Potter signature V that looks cool.


  • StitselStitsel Posts: 2,216
    Yeah.....good 'ol Gibson.

    No Mad Mikey Sig., but GRACE POTTER [i][/i] gets one  :nuts: :up:
  • She's a great singer,  beautiful girl with some nice songs.  Can't say I am crazy about the band though.  They sound like sub par players to me.
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