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    Dissection made 3 full length albums, The Somberlain, Storm Of The Lights Bane and Reinkhaos. Then there' s some collections of demo' s and outtakes and a couple of live albums.

    The Somberlain and Storm Of The Lights Bane was for a period a very important BM albums to me.
    Reinkhaos are imo actually quite good, though it' s more melodic Death Metal than BM as Haff says.

    Jon Nödtveid, writer, vocalist, mastermind and guitarist was as extreme as they get in scandinavian Black Metal and in 1997 he was thrown in Jail for his involvement in murdering a homoseksual male.
    Just like Faust (from Emperor) was.
    When they both goth out in 2003 and 2004, they decided that Faust should play in Dissection, but that lasted a few months both before Faust stated he couldn' t reconcile himself with Nödtveids "extreme philosofies".

    Nödtveid killed himself in 2006.


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    Gosh, it's been 6 years already?

    I remember being somewhat shocked at first, then not so much.Definitely a troubled soul & what a monumental waste of a massive talent. :nuts:
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