American Carnage Tour Canceled

StitselStitsel Posts: 2,082

Major bummer :sad:, got my tickets the day they went on sale.....

This was gonna be a good one.........  :arg:


  • Jay GJay G Posts: 2,682
    This really sucks.  We had tickets to the show on Feb 13 in Camden NJ.  This was just about my sons favorite XMAS gift this year.
  • StitselStitsel Posts: 2,082
    Yeah.....I had tix for opening night, in Seattle.It would've fucking crushed.Had the hotel lined up, an approved vacation day (nothing like getting paid to see Slayer)...the whole nine yards.My best friend/best Slayer buddy who called me up to tell me about it was on the verge of tears....& we're in our forties!!!

    FUCK!!!!!!!! :arg:
  • Demented TedDemented Ted Posts: 1,010
    Man,that blows  :arg:  .I had my ticket for Jan. 23.Wishing Tom a speedy recovery.
  • VenomboyVenomboy Posts: 3,601
    I had tix too. Well, still have them. This sucks.
  • Jay GJay G Posts: 2,682
    told my boy the bad news this morning.  he was very upset and there was nothing I could do.  Here's hoping that Megadeth gets something going quickly.
  • I was so bummed when I heard this. I was going to the Feb. 12 show in Glens Falls, NY with my best friend and some of my bandmates.

    Megadeth's site says something about holding onto our tickets until the new dates are announced, so maybe they'll be nice enough to convince Ticketmaster not to screw us. I coughed up $60 I don't have for this show...
  • Jay GJay G Posts: 2,682
    just e-mailed live nation for steps for a refund.  The replied to hang tight as they are waiting for info from the venues.
  • StitselStitsel Posts: 2,082
    Over the weekend I got a recorded phone message from TicketBastard, & then an e-mail from 'em....basically, they're honoring the tix when it get's re-scheduled,or you can get a refund.At least they got in touch & let me know.I'm just gonna hang onto 'em; getting a refund is not only a pain in the ass, you lose money.
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