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Up until now, I had really only heard Brad Paisley, and some assorted tracks ie; Guthrie's Rhoad Island Shred. Today, I got The Hellecasters debut album in the mail (along with many others) courtesy of Jeb  :up:. This stuff is great! Every time I hear that country styled stuff, it just makes me smile. It's so fun, and yet it has loads of chops. Any recommendations on more country guitarists?


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    This guy named Doug Seven is killer...a "Frankenstein" type player that combines all the styles of the more popular country guitarists such as Danny Gatton,Albert Lee,Brent Mason,Johnny Hiland,etc.

    The cool thing about Doug Seven is that he is akin to being the "Paul Gilbert of country guitar" in that he is a great player and a great instructor.
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    When Johnny Hiland first came out I was floored . Sadly his "rock" style is nowhere near as interesting . :arg: But in the interest of mass appeal he traded in his tele for a signature PRS . I hope it turns out to be a wise move .

    Scotty Anderson is the grand master . His style is simply mind boggling . One of the best players on the planet IMHO . :notworthy:

    Return of the Hellecasters is one of the greatest guitar albums EVER .  :up:

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    all of the Hellecasters have great solo albums as well.

    You can also check out these guys.

    Vince Gill
    Red Volkert
    Johnny A
    Chet Adkins
    Jerry Reed
    John 5 - he mixes it in 50% of the time
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    Junior Brown of course is a monster player. Nobody else can do what he does.

    Pete Anderson's stuff with Dwight Yoakam in the 90s was always good. His solo stuff is pretty way out there.
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  • Rockin The Dog is one of my favorites from Hellecasters.  Have fun, there aren't too many tracks on that album that will disappoint. There's no way to listen to those songs the first five or six times and really even begin to settle into them, at least that's how it was for me.  I was trying to digest and find something to hold on to before I could calm down and really listen.  And I don't think it will ever loose it's luster.  It's always fresh and interesting no matter how many times you play it.
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    Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins:

    And Jerry solo:

    I think sometimes if you try to play too technically, you lose something in the music - like you're playing for another guitar player. I like to play for people. The more sophisticated and mature guitarists become, the more they go with the feel.

    - Ritchie Blackmore

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    Greg Koch has some very cool country pickin' techniques.  He does Fender Clinics all over the country playing Strats and Teles.

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    For me it's all about Jerry Reed and Chet.
    When I saw this I was going to put up a link to Jerry's Breakdown.
    I've spent the last month and a half working on that tune and it's fucking tough.
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    Scotty Anderson is the most mindblowing of those type of players, to me. This clip is almost required viewing if you're into that stuff-

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    Have Mercy  :notworthy:

    Scotty invented the " triple stop " . He can essentially harmonize with himself . Just an awesome technique . I brought some of his licks to a zen master guitar teacher here in Maryland and we both sat in his studio staring at each other totally dumbfounded .

    The Hellecasters got me started on seriously working on my hybrid picking ....and I consider myself above average thanks to Jerry Donahue's instructional stuff . In fact I have the ENTIRE Hellecasters CD in tabluature and have been working on those tunes for years now . That CD is a lexicon of " hypertwang " licks and ideas ...many of which really helped me understand what was going on .

    Hybrid picking is a really cool technique to have in your bag and its not necessarily something that needs to be " fast " to sound great . The variation of tone that result from playing with your fingers is endless . Plus you can really get some hyperfast licks going that have a great deal of punch .
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    Holy Shit!! I completely forgot about Albert Lee!!

    Albert is the man, and a huge inspiration to all who have come since.
    I went through a gigantic Hellecasters phase at one point.
    This is the shit though.

    Dan Tyminski is the guy singing and Jerry Douglas on Dobro they're both sick players.
    And of course Danny Gatton.

    Also Brent Mason, Redd Volkaert, Steve Trovato.
  • [quote author=Joebuddha link=topic=9771.msg150182#msg150182 date=1262900344]
    Holy Shit!! I completely forgot about Albert Lee!!

    Also Brent Mason...Steve Trovato.

    Yeah, I was going to add these two plus Tommy Emmanuel. Tommy and Brent are my two favorites of this style of playing...

    Brent Mason:

    Tommy Emmanuel:
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