How many records do you own?

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Just wondering...

I've got 377 currently and I suppose that's a low number compared to most here, but I've still got plenty of time left to collect. Got lots of coupons as christmas gifts, that should help me reach 400.  :woohoo:

Kids these days don't understand why anyone still buys cd's in this age. Me, I just love going to the record store and not being able to wait to hear the album on the way back home. :biggrin2:


  • cvansicklecvansickle Posts: 6,221
    I know I have over 800 cds, plus about 70 vinyl records in my collection. My iTunes library says I have 1098 albums, which includes digital downloads of full albums.
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  • DonthegreekDonthegreek Posts: 2,776
    Not at home right now, i think its 700+ lps.....
  • Jay GJay G Posts: 2,682
    I have approximately 1500-1700 Cds.  Down in my basement I have a few thousand LPs as well.  They haven't seen the light of day in years.  Two years ago my wife bought me a USB turntable to convert all of my vinyl.  It has never been out of the box.
  • yngwie666yngwie666 Posts: 6,557
    I have about 300. Since  I bought an iPod I have about 4500 MP3 in less than 6 months...
  • AgrippaAgrippa Posts: 5,943
    Oh god. It´s been years since I actually counted.
    I don´t bother now.
    The worst thing is, when I don´t like a record I usually give it to someone and forget, so sometimes I spend hours searching for a record I KNOW I´ve bought, but can´t remember giving away.
    Very annoying.

    I have some 2-3000 vinyls (estimated by counting to 100, and see how many times that space is filled).
    Some 500 of the most popular ones are in my living room, the rest stored stored in my basement in alphabethical order, and I can find any Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath, Led Zep or Emperor vinyl in a matter of seconds. I LOVE vinyl.
    I have some 3-400 hundred cd´s.
    I don´t love my cd´s, so they are just allover my house (bedroom, kitchen, living room) and of course I can´t find the ones I want to hear.
    It´s a mess.
    But then again, I have my vinyl.

    MP3´s ?
    I couldn´t care less, I don have an Ipod or any other mp3 player, but some day I will, I guess.
  • SanchoSancho Posts: 18,678
    I need to update my CD list (and I will, because after the move I'll finally have everything in convenient racks) but I'm well over 2000 by now.
    I'll buy CDs as long as it's possible.

    I still have some 600 vinyl albums. I had more, but I've replaced a big portion with CD remasters.
  • Seven MoonsSeven Moons Posts: 8,797
    I'm a long time buyer, but I don't own that much... maybe because I quickly get rid of the things that I don't like. I have about 4300 mp3/m4a files on my hard drive.
    Most of these files come from ripped CDs (either CDs that I own, or CDs that I borrrowed to other people). My old vinyls are gathering dust at my parents' house. They did sound better, but the practical aspect of CDs and mp3's sealed the end of vinyl for me. I listen to music mostly in my car...

  • pprovostpprovost Posts: 2,638
    About 3000 vinyl albums, 200 CDs, and 1000 mp3s. All of them are music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I haven't bought any new music since 1992.
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  • maybeyesmaybeyes Posts: 4,522
    OK - used to have over 6,000 LPs, but thinned the herd considerably and now am between 2-3000.  I have almost 6,000 mp3s on the hard drive, most I have burned from albums or Cds to put on my MP3 player and the kids have done that with their stuff as well.  I have close to 2,000 or so CDs and then there are about 500-750 cassettes that are slowly getting transferred and digitized.  The LPs will get there too.  Usually when I think of something that I want to hear and it is not yet digitized, I get motivated.  Also working on putting some of my VHS to DVD as well.  There is a lot of music that I have replaced with CD remasters, but I am loathe to get rid of the LP because of the great cover art and stuff.

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  • Jay GJay G Posts: 2,682
    I should also note that I had about 1,000 of my CDs ripped to my IPOD totalling about 6,000 songs.  Notice how I said had!  My full 30gig IPOD shit the bed Tuesday morning and it looks like the songs are not recoverable.  I did not have anthing backed up on my P.C. as I used my work laptop which did not have enough memory.  That is part of the reason my wife got me a new laptop and 160 gig IPOD for XMAS.  Unfortunately, I waited too long.  It looks like will have to re-rip all of the CDs as well as the other 700-800 or so.  This time I will properly back them up.  Fucking technology sometimes sucks.

    This may also be a good time to pull out the USB turntable and some of my vinyl that is not available of CD.  I have a fair amount of boots that I would love to have on my IPOD.
  • LegacyLegacy Posts: 878
    Haven't counted my CD's/Vinyls but I have over 17,000 songs on mp3.
  • JoebuddhaJoebuddha Posts: 2,125
    All my vinyl is long gone.
    I have well over 2 thousand c.d.'s and 315.4 days of music in my Itunes.
    Somewhere in storage I have thousands of cassettes.
  • BaddstuffBaddstuff Posts: 1,305
    CDs around 1700
    vinyl albums around 1000
    I built a computer simply to be a juke box since I have a lot of MP3 files
    I can't bear to part with the vinyl because I have some pretty good and hard to get items
  • ingveingve Posts: 1,616

    Over the past few years I've sold most of my vinyl. I don't even have a record player (or a cassette player) anymore. Anything that I really wanted and couldn't get on CD I just converted myself. Most of what I sold went for ridiculous amounts, I sold a couple of AC/DC 12 inch singles a few years ago on eBay, they went for over $500 each. I paid $9 each for them in 1985.

    Nowadays I have lots of CDs, well over 1000 titles. Plus much more than that which I have downloaded as MP3s.
  • Seven MoonsSeven Moons Posts: 8,797
    [quote author=ingve link=topic=9758.msg149755#msg149755 date=1262478293]
    Most of what I sold went for ridiculous amounts, I sold a couple of AC/DC 12 inch singles a few years ago on eBay, they went for over $500 each.


    You just gave me an idea to make a little bit of unexpected money... I have a couple of vinyls that are probably "rarities"... and all in perfect condition.
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