You Guys were Right About Mattias IA EKlundh

IsaacIsaac Posts: 3,088
this guys great! his solo stuff is so fun and full of strong compositions, with loads of great ideas and weird unique sounds . a really unique voice on guitar. he's right up there with guthrie IMHO. freak kitchens shares those traits, but it's HEAVY too! and eklundh has a pretty good singing voice. i'm loving this stuff!
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  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,323
    Isaac, you're getting into new stuff all the time. I'm impressed. Also a big fan of Eklundh and his various releases. I'm such a big fan, he gave me a bunch of his albums for free when Freak Kitchen came down a while ago. Their new album is very good, their best sounding one yet in my books.
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  • IsaacIsaac Posts: 3,088
    good recommendation. my fave song so far is numb off of freak guitar, it really captures what i love about fusion guitar, i don't know why, but it does. he's got some great flashy licks i'll try and steal from vids and on his page.  :tongue:

    the one thing that immediately strikes me about IA is that he is unique. 

  • Seven MoonsSeven Moons Posts: 8,906
    I know only a few Freak Kitchen tunes  (Nobody's laughing, Porn Daddy, and two or three other ones), and from what I've heard they're quite creative and original...  there's some technically hot stuff too.  I should probably check out more from them  :hmm:
  • Jay GJay G Posts: 2,692
    he is very Zappaesque in my opinion and I am a big fan.  Check out the work he did with Hellborg as well.
  • jebbuddajebbudda Posts: 5,030
    When I first saw him at the NAMM show he was sitting in the Laney booth playing his guitar with chopsticks and vibrators ...pretty much just making a bunch of noise . I was supposed to play with another guy across the aisle at the TKL booth and he refused to stop masterbating during our performance and it pissed us and the TKL guys off .

    The next year I got the chance to talk to him and watch him play and my opininon changed . The guy is a master of all these exotic scales . He really knows his shit and comes up with some really unique melodic jams . Plus he is funny as hell and super nice .

    Last year I got a copy of ART METAL with Jonas Hellborg , the Johansson brothers and Selvaganesh . :eek: These cats can play. The level of musicality is astounding ...the time signatures , the melodic invention...and THE HEAVINESS . I've never heard " metal " with these kinda chops . I have a whole new respect for guys that can come up with this kinda music .
  • IsaacIsaac Posts: 3,088
    i get the wank vibe from IA too, what with the whammy abuse and funny noises, but its only one part of him. the other is a rich melodic tapestry full of ridiculous chops and great ideas. the freak kitchen stuff is HEAVY too! something that i find great about IA. his instrumental stuff is just as strong as is vocal stuff.

    haven't heard art metal yet. i should check that out. i'm still making my way through the freak kitchen stuff right now.

    how does he hit all those natural harmonics? there's a lick page where he describes every harmonic you can hit on each string, but i can't get alot of them to sound clear and strong.

    great stuff, he's one of the few newer guys that is really doing something new and inventive on the guitar IMO. i wish that his two solo albums were mores structured, but with that jumble of eclectic songs, its makes for a really fun listening experience.

    i wish IA would use less tapping and whammy bar abuse though. hes got such a great melodic sense and crazy conventional licks. i'd love to hear more of that mixed in the the wild stuff he does.
  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,323
    That happens on the new FK album Isaac. There are some Shawn Lane type melodic stuff going on too. I think his solos are on a whole new level right now than ever before. Nice combination of the crazy weird and virtuoso shreddy. And the shit is heavy and catchy as usual, but the production is probably the best on any IA recordings till date.
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  • IsaacIsaac Posts: 3,088
    sweet ES! i'll have to check that one out then!
  • Art Metal is pretty much the strongest album he's ever done.
  • otcconanotcconan Posts: 5,690
    Told you so.
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