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I just came across this link and it looks like I'll be buying another Seger album. I know he's mellow but I've seen him several times and I still love his gritty soulful voice. He used to come around once a year back in the '70's and always put on a good show. This album seems to get back to his roots and I'm ready kick back and give it a spin.


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    I used to love the tune "Down On Mainstreet". The words, melody and smooth lead line just worked beautifully together.
  • TOTALLY agree with you regarding his "gritty soulful voice." Absolutely LOVE it. Really dig a lot of his music and I've never seen him perform, oddly enough.  :frown:

    He's got that Joe Cocker (whom I like even more) thing with his vocals that I love so much. (His version of Feelin Alright is one of the best songs ever and one of two favorite takes on that song.)

  • He's sure written a lot of great songs, no question about that.  I also love his voice, it's a great smooth grit sound for sure.

    from what I understand, his band was pretty hard rockin' back in the late 60's/early 70's-but i guess once you have a big hit with a start mining that territory (can't say I blame him)

    Still, he had a slew of rockers as well.  Back in my Pasadena Icehouse days, "Old time rock and roll" was a required number and always landed a few extra bucks in the tip jar.

    Just checked his wiki page, never knew he co-wrote the Eagles "Heartache tonight"

    I met him once, mid 80's and he was one of the nicest celebs i ever met.
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    I liked Bob's music back in the late 70s, but when the ballads started taking over, I lost interest. He has a great voice. His original live version of Turn The Page is my favorite.

    I always thought that "Her Strut" would be great with the proper Dino treatment.

    I think sometimes if you try to play too technically, you lose something in the music - like you're playing for another guitar player. I like to play for people. The more sophisticated and mature guitarists become, the more they go with the feel.

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    prprovost I absolutely agree with Her Strut being given the dino treatment.  I like most of his stuff.  The earlier stuff comes across more folky and the later stuff more rock oriented.  Have to laugh because I find 9 Tonight making its way to the CD player quite a bit, especially on long drives where we need to have some common music so noone gets antsy.  We just sing away with that stuff.  Drew Abbot was a good guitar player as well.  He always had nice embellishments or short sweet leads.

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  • I picked this up a few weeks ago and it's just as expected. Good old Bob Seger rockin' and croonin' as usual. Can't beat the price either $6.99 and flashbacks of my youth.  :up:
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    I always enjoyed Lizzy's cover of Seger's "Rosalie". A few years ago I saw Motorhead live and they also covered it. Great song.
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