Legendary ALICE COOPER BAND Guitarist DICK WAGNER Release New Solo Album; Detail

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Legendary ALICE COOPER BAND Guitarist DICK WAGNER Release New Solo Album; Details Revealed

Desert Dreams Records has released the new album from legendary guitarist, songwriter and record producer DICK WAGNER, best known for his many years as song-writer, lead guitar and music director for rock icon ALICE COOPER. Titled Full Meltdown, the album features the following tracks:

'Still Hungry'
'Blue Collar Babies'
'Insatiable Girl'
'I'd Take the Bullet'
'Another Twist Of The Knife'
'Stagger Lee'
'She Said'
'These Days'
'Modern Times'
'I Might As Well Be On Mars'
'Steal The Thunder'
'Darkest Hour'
'Motor City Showdown'
'Feel It All Over'

Says Wagner, "if balls out rock music with melodic and lyrical songs are your cup of tea, then Full Meltdown should go down easily and leave a pleasant afterglow."

Dick Wagner's songs and lead guitar have been featured on more than 150 renowned albums for legendary artists including Alice Cooper, AEROSMITH, KISS, LOU REED, PETER GABRIEL, and dozens more.

Wagner's songwriting and guitar performances have garnered 14 Platinum records, 16 Gold Records, 5 Silver Records and numerous BMI Songwriter Awards.

According to a press release, Full Meltdown features 15 lost and newly discovered songs recorded by Wagner between 1979 and 1995 -- a journey of pure rock and roll songs and dazzling guitar virtuosity. Whether it be rock, blues, country, jazz or spiritual, Wagner s songs continue to detail the essence of life; his guitar work continues to inspire guitarists world wide and his productions recall the era of great songs with great melodies and universally accessible lyrics.

Any of you guys have this or heard it??? Wonder if its worth picking up, i always loved dicks playing.

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  • I was wondering has this guy done much dino stuff besides Alice Cooper?

    Don't have that much Cooper albums yet but it was surprised to learn my favourite lead on School's Out (My Stars) was actually Wagner. He also plays on a few KISS songs I think but besides that I don't own anything by those guys. I know he was the Alice's guitarist for the majority of the late 70s but most songs I've heard from that era were rather wimpy ballads.
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    Dick and Steve Hunter also did the guitar work on Aerosmith's "Same Old Song And Dance" and "Train Kept A Rollin'" tracks from Get Your Wings, as well as Lou Reed's "Rock and Roll Animal" and "Berlin" albums. Dick also played the leads on Kiss Destroyer's "Sweet Pain"  and "Flaming Youth", as well as the acoustic on "Beth".

    According to Wikipedia, Wagner has played lead guitar or written songs for Aerosmith, Lou Reed, Burton Cummings, KISS, Meat Loaf, Steve Perry, Ringo Starr, Etta James, Peter Gabriel, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Air Supply, Hall & Oates Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and many more.
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    I'm thinking about the movie "The Wizard of Oz" when the curtain get's pulled open and the cat's out of the bag.
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