Jagori Tanna and his frets, strings, pick ups, and other guitar thingies.

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I gotta type quickly- I keep getting booted off line (FRUSTRATING ) :pissed:
But I'm going to put my non-guitar playing, non-musician, ignorant ass out on the line and ask if any of you know Jagori Tanna.  The band from which he hails is called I Mother Earth. Do you guys think he sucks and I'm insane or does he pass? If not a single one of you has any respect at all for his playing, I'll still live my life digging what he does but I'm constantly interested in poking at you to see if I can measure myself in some way, or learn something new about guitars and music. Plus, it's just fun to have people to talk to about this.

If you don't know him and are going to check him out the album Dig is where I'd start and a nice little taste of Jagori in my opinion is in the song called Rain Will Fall but I love that whole album.
(Incidentally that's his brother on the drums and I think he's pretty cool too.)


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