Richie Sambora

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The guy is a good guitar player.  But how good?  Is he a watered down Neil Schon?    I was watching that show on HBO or Showtime about them on the road.  He has great control of his guitar and seems to have a ton of the 80's style chops.  He seems so consistant live.  So what do you guys think?  Could he be a full blooded Dino if he wanted to be with ease?  Or is his sound a little too generic?  I like his solo in Dry Country and of course Dead or Alive. 


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    I can't stand Sambora or Bon Jovi. Bunch of poseurs. Soft cock muzak.


    Best thing he's ever 'done' would have to be Heather Locklear.
  • sg
    i think hes weak player that nobody cares about
    he doesnt belong in the dino world
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    I care about Sambora. He plays for the song, has good tone and some tasty licks.
    Watered down Neal Schon :hmm: Not a bad assessment.

    I regularly listen to the first four Bon Jovi albums.
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    Mr Sambora was a lot better than a lot of the hair brigade, matured as a player, does indeed play for the song and has a decent enough sound, I am not a big fan of his, but respect where it is due, the man is a quality player. 
  • I like (not love) Sambora. As said, he plays for the song and has written some great guitar parts. Watered down Neil Schon is a good description. I think his first solo album is very, very good. He may be a better singer than guitar player.
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    Sambora's playing was the only thing worth a damn in that band, very tasteful solos.
  • Good player but not great. He has some good solos but most of them are rather short. Lots of pinch harmonics. He's also a very good singer, too bad he never gets to sing much in Jovi.
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    I saw BJ with Van Halen on the "Balance" tour.

    Richie was good, not great, and his best playing was on acoustic.

    Eddie blew him off the stage when they jammed on "Rock & Roll" (Led Zep).

    He did add quite interesting solos to the "hits" off Slippery..., not shredding, but some slightly different ideas to the usual blues/rock licks.

    And I LOVE Dry County.

    He's another ALD victim as far as I can tell.
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    [quote author=Dr Nick link=topic=9357.msg142769#msg142769 date=1256906404]

    And I LOVE Dry County.


    I love his playing...great playing for the song with some great tones.
    Dry County does rock! I saw 'em doing that one live on their last tour and it blew me away!
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    I like Sambora... He is a solid player and have some cool stuff going.

    What I like most about him is that he come up with such cool one note riffs, see You Give Love a Bad Name for a good example :metal:
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    I like Sambora more as an entertainer than as a guitarist, if that makes any sense.  By that I mean, he's cool when he's a guest on a TV show or whatever, but as a guitar player, i don't think he's really all that great.  He does come up with 'great sounding parts that work perfectly in the songs' (and we all know, easier said than done), so in that respect, yeah, he's great.  And he's an entertaining fellow.  I'm not a huge Bon Jovi fan but I can appreciate their music for what it is, and Richie does fit the bill there musically (he does really come up with some great parts on the records).  
    To me, it's kind of cheeezy, but funny, like he Sweet or somebody like that: it's POP music first and foremost.  I never considered them as anything close to metal.

    But i've seen him sit in on stuff and always thought the sounded like a bad barroom guitarist, shrill tone and tasteless/tacky/unimiganitive playing.
    I think he knows that his whole guitar hero status is based on fame and marketing rather than his playing being groundbreaking or exceptional or anything (which is probably why he's worked so hard to come up with good parts that work perfectly in the song).

    Still, he seeems llike a llikeable guy (and he does come up with some really greeat psrts...), so i gotta give him props.

    To me, as a rock star, he's less of a "watered down Schon" and more like a "slighty better musician/less tacky fashion sense version of CC DeVille".
  • Smoking GunsSmoking Guns Posts: 4,547

    The solo in this song is sick...
  • SystemSystem Posts: 10,067
    Great player, one that had adapted to musical trends which you need to do in a band like BJ.  He's also a GREAT vocalist.
  • I like Sambora's playing, and I think his songwriting is great in the 2 first Bon Jovi albums (and his 1st solo one too). Downhill since there. Latest albums are awfull IMHO.
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    [quote author=Butcher's Lust link=topic=9357.msg143049#msg143049 date=1257115920]
    Latest albums are awfull IMHO.
    The last Bon Jovi album I acknowledge is New Jersey. Do you mean to say they released albums after that one?
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