Creed - Full Circle - rather bloody good

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Guaranteed to divide opinion like a hot knife through butter I never liked the band until I heard Weathered which I really liked, then they split... now they are back with a new album and its a darn good slice of modern rock, GREAT guitar work from Mark Tremonti inc solos!!! flawless production, heck even Scott Stapp's vocals are likeable..

If you feel adventurous check it out.


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    My girfriend, and her 20 year-old nephew saw them a little over a week ago and said that the show was great. They're both big fans, though.

    I got burned out on Creed because I used to have to play their songs on my radio gig like every hour. And every song sounded the same to me. That said, I've seen Tremonti ripping up on different video clips, the guy does have some chops....So, maybe they're letting him cut loose these days. Maybe I need to give these guys another chance.

    On a side note, my girlfriend's nephew plays guitar and his favorite players are Mark Tremonti & John Petrucci. He's been playing for a few years, and he's really into it. It's funny, whenever he comes over he's subjected to listen to MY guys...EVH, Lynch, Schenker, Sykes, Meniketti, Marino, Rhoads, Aldrich, Roth, Jake, Schon....etc. (Just trying to get him on the right path, you know... :chuckle:) It might be working, because he always wants me to burn him a copy of a CD, anytime he hears one of my Dino's on my stereo.  :ohyeah:

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    I thought the last Alterbridge record was pretty good, but I really got burned out on Creed because my old cover band played a bunch of their stuff and like Whoop says, it's all the same damn song.  If Tremonti plays on the new Creed like he did on Alterbridge it might be worth a listen.
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    Tremonti is a good player, but he seems like such a tool.  And I don't like his tone that much. 
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    Creed was on Conan tonight...wasn't impressed. Should be able to find it on youtube.
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    Yeah I agree that Creed has a patented approach , they say they're religious but don't sing about chastity or something dignifying. What I want you to notice is that a hopeless almost country songwriter Tremonti has invested a lot in himself. Hanging around those famous instructors. Like Troy Stetina, Batio etc. He has this Petruccian approach that he put to an even more effective use than Petrucci himself. It's a sort of "sweeping all the way " type of soloing: here's a petrucci video about it and then there's the single with tremonti on it.
    4:00 - 5:50

    2:28 - 3:30

    Don't get me wrong I like tremonti from their days on mtv hits. But other songs I couldn't digest.
    The new album is a seasoned beast. The songs are consumer friendly yes but also contain elements of a lot if stuff I can't even name. There are at least 3 hit songs, or songs that you'll find to be very good. Perhaps even better than their old ones. This band is now a crossover of Creed + Alter Bridge.
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