thigns you just can't seem to appreiciate in metal?



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    Bands that NEVER did anything cool, like Limp Bizkit - fuck them, hard.  With a square strap on.

    With a chainsaw?

    :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw:
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    [quote author=Dinosaur David B link=topic=9325.msg142626#msg142626 date=1256773298]
    Also -- no rap in my metal please. Anthrax -- fuck that.

    I think that is what ruined Anthrax for me when they did that deal.  Thought the record sucked, and when i saw 'em opening for Maiden a while later, they went into the whole hip-hop thing halfway into their set, and it just killed their set as far as the crowd was concerned.  bad move.
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    Anthrax were a great band, but the rap association and goofy image killed them.
    The ridiculous personnel policies were the last nail in the coffin...
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    cookie monster vocals.
    I agree with that one. What the fuck is the point of actually writing lyrics, when your "singer" is just gonna growl them out in such a ridiculous way that he could tell the crowd that he wants them all to tea bag him and then perform bukkake with all of them after the show, and they wouldn't have a fucking clue, they'd just keep banging their heads and giving the metal horns.

  • Rap and metal: I don't mind if it's done right. It never is though.
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    I don't mind bands like Faith No More when they do their take on Rap, but LB and some of the others no thanks.

    Not fussy about cookie monster vocals as we call them.  Sorry, I like to be able to imagine at the very least what they are saying and there is usually no deciperhing those vocals.  Not that it doesn't suit the music, it's just not for me.

    Guitarists that wank away on a song and destroy it.  They have nothing to say and just play for the sake of playing.  Thankfully this is not as prominent as it was at one time.

    Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.

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    Bands where everyone poses incessantly.

    Guitar players that play one note and give everyone that wide eyed "Eureka" look.

    Head banging when it doesn't match the beat of the song, Angus Young excluded.
    I think sometimes if you try to play too technically, you lose something in the music - like you're playing for another guitar player. I like to play for people. The more sophisticated and mature guitarists become, the more they go with the feel.

    - Ritchie Blackmore

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    [quote author=pprovost link=topic=9325.msg142691#msg142691 date=1256852476]Head banging when it doesn't match the beat of the song, Angus Young excluded.

    Cliff Burton was a master at doing that.

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    Well, John Sykes did an album based on rap music... I don't see many, many people complaining about that. :ohwell:

    Yeah, the Anthrax thing didn't work, Limp Bizkit does suck (I've never met anybody who indeed likes this band) and those other clones like Korn, Kid Rock and whoever aren't even worthy a mention.

    Nevertheless, I won't judge things until I hear'em, so I won't just generalize and say that metal and rap should never blend. Somebody mentioned Faith No More... I've always thought they were a enjoyable band. White Zombie also had their "attempt-at-rap" moments, which spawned a few good songs. Anyway, it's all about personal opinion.

    What I DO think is ridiculous about that rap/metal thing is when renowned musicians give it a shot while just trying to call the younger audience's attention... That song Alice Cooper diz with Xzibit was just... Well, as a fan since I was kid, I felt somewhat betrayed.

  • Well, John Sykes did an album based on rap music...
    Not really.  Nuclear Cowboy had some hip-hop elements, but he wasn't doing rap-metal, nor did he "rap" even like Rush did on Roll the Bones.
    In the midst of the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
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    [quote author=Dinosaur David B link=topic=9325.msg142725#msg142725 date=1256868921]
    Well, John Sykes did an album based on rap music...
    Not really.  Nuclear Cowboy had some hip-hop elements, but he wasn't doing rap-metal, nor did he "rap" even like Rush did on Roll the Bones.

    yeah. and nuclear cowboy was HEAVY. and really melodic. songs like talkin bout love and arc angel sound like the sky is falling down. just how i like my music!  :metal:
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    [quote author=pprovost link=topic=9325.msg142691#msg142691 date=1256852476]
    Bands where everyone poses incessantly.

    Guitar players that play one note and give everyone that wide eyed "Eureka" look.

    Head banging when it doesn't match the beat of the song, Angus Young excluded.

    Worse than that, choreographed moves, ala Warrant.
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    Hm... There is a lot of things I really hate when it comes to modern-metal, though what we are talking about here shouldn't really be "labeled" modern-metal anymore because the guys playing that type of music have been around since mid or late '90s and are in many cases pushing their forties, the guys in the twenties are many times a lot more Dino-based, at least all people I know listening to metal are very tired of the chugga-chugga riffs played on guitars tuned down five wholesteps and the guitar hanging by the knees, but well I list some stuff I dislike just for the sake of it...

    Cookie monster vocals, as many have said here, I like some of it, like Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom, though to be honest he does more of a scream all the time, I would say he sound like Halford did when he did those screams on Painkiller (check out the chorus on the title song to get what I mean) just that he does it ALL the time. Anders Fredén of In Flames also have a cool style which is kind of more melodic, I really like all their stuff post-Soundtrack To Your Escape, but they had their moments before that too... check out Only for the Weak! :metal:
    But that kind of gutter-growl that many of the death- and black-metal band does is just impossible for me to stand, can't get it...

    Another thing I hate is the "chugga-chugga" riffs that mostly nu-metal bands seems to favor, can't get them at all, they drop-tune their guitars so just have to use one finger to begin with then they hit the strings in a straight way in, lets say 8ths, with every fourth beat changing chord... I hate all those songs... tabbed out they look like this:
    Can't get why you want to play the guitar like that it sucks, and there Children of Bodom once again have been kind of a saviour, while they attract the extreme-metal kids becuase of their overall sound their guitar-style have a lot more in common with the power-metal bands combined with some real shredding and a dash of the forefathers of this type of music Priest! They have actually inspired bands to play a lot more advanced than shitty bands like Slipknot and Korn does... Actutally, and I think I have mentioned that before, Alexi's (the singer and lead guitarist of Children of Bodom) have the '80s L.A. and glam-metal as absolute fav music, and that shows I think becuase he have learned to really master the guitar!
    Some stuff, a little sloppy at places but mostly pretty good and much better than other bands that growl IMO...
    But Alexi's and Janne's real masterpiece duell is this one:
    Maybe fixed in the studio, well, I don't care, it is fuckin' great!
    And the other young pioneers when it comes to technical guitars are Trivium...
    Not totally my cup of tea, but cool solos and technical guitar-parts, better than your average metal-player playing big stages ATM

    I also hate when bands don't have guitar-solos, maybe not every song need them but if you are a heavy metal band you better have them in 9 out of 10 songs, it usually adds intensity and aggression to the music, there is a reason they were there from the beginning, and I love lengthy guitar and keyboard solos, I can listen to it for hours!
    Usually the bands mentioned with good technical rhytm parts also have great solos, at least good solos... Non growling bands, if the play real metal and not hardcore or any other wimpy gay sub-genre, have solos that is cool and when it comes to the cookie monster bands the ones that can play have solos and obviously the guys in Slipknot and Korn can't, at least they don't show they can and usually you want to show that you can play if you can...

    Another thing is the image that have been synonymous with some metal-genres... In that department there are a lot of stuff that I find very disturbing
    We can start with the one that have spread itself like a disease since the grunge wave among metal-bands and is that you should be an ugly, smelling dude in ugly, smelly clothes... I mean WTF? I don't want to be ugly or smell, I just want to play metal and get chicks... And you don't get any chicks if you're ugly and smells like shit! It seems to get a little better in that department too though...
    Then we have the poor Gene Simmons make-up stuff... was very prominent in the Norweigan black-metal scene and just as patethic as the music... Me and my friends sometimes crank some of it and just laugh our asses off becuase the look, the lyrics and the music is hilarious. It is so over the top in a bad way that it just seems like a joke sometimes... I mean you can't take lyrics like: "We are from hell and are going to rape your soul while we are eating your sister's heart" seriously.
    Also other patethic outfits like the guys in Slipknot are a thing I hate, what the fuck, maybe twelve year old boys find that cool but the rest of the society just thinks it is strange and patethic... And then the music added to that.. well :dead:
    There are also a lot of other strange things I just don't like when it comes to the modern heavy-metal look, like the baggy military pants, dread-locks, pierced nippless, short hair combined with headbanging (I mean why headbang without hair, and yeah I am looking at you Kerry King!!) etc. Pretty much the guys playing hardcore sums it up! That is how I absolutely don't want to look...
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    [quote author=CrazyW link=topic=9325.msg142686#msg142686 date=1256847782]
    Rap and metal: I don't mind if it's done right. It never is though.
    It's funny because it's true.  it'll always be funny, because it will always be true!  :up:
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    Got no problem with Cookie Monster vocals since I do Grover vocals myself.

    I think it's actually cool that Arch Enemy does them because it's a chick.

    The things that I can't appreciate:

    Bands that are simplistic and pedestrian.  Sludge, Grindcore, Stoner metal.  Horrible crap.
    Solos that sound like they were played by Chuck Berry after 18 beers (yes I mean you CC).  I do realize that sometimes I sound like that but I at least edit myself.
    Bass players who are quarter-note heroes.  I know that Kip Winger can play like a monster, but he doesn't.  WTF?
    Drummers who sound like one of those electrical chimps with cymbals.  Please give it up, Lars.
    Singers who could pierce my dog's eardrums who have no soul and wouldn't know actual vocal power unless they met Freddie Mercury.
    Scooped mids.
    Any metal band that goes on stage without either denim or leather.

    That's pretty much it.
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