What kind of gear does Trey Azagthoth of Morbid Angel use ?

AgrippaAgrippa Posts: 5,943
Yes, I´ve been trying to find out what that red pointy thing he is depicted with on the Altars Of Madness  album sleeve, in the booklet on the CD version, I guess.
And I came to wonder, ISN´T there some kind of search machine on the internet, where you can search on guitarst, and get gear and guitar info ?
If there isn´t, there really should be.
Still, the question remains, what kind of of gear and guitar did/does Trey use.


  • SanchoSancho Posts: 18,678
    I associate Azagtoth with BC Rich Ironbirds and Ibanez Universes.
    I have to admit I completely lost interest in the band after Blessed Are The Sick so my info is probably slightly out of date.
    Dean did some kind of sig for him as well.
  • AgrippaAgrippa Posts: 5,943
    Gee, thanks, that was quick. Yes it looks like an Ironbird, the headstock shape put me off there.
    + 1.
    Maybe you should make that gear database I was talking about, huh ?
  • JohnnyJohnny Posts: 81
    There's this site: www.guitargeek.com
  • Seven MoonsSeven Moons Posts: 8,797

    Yes, I think it's an Ironbird with a reverse headstock (?):

    As for the database, the closest thing I've found so far is this one:

    See for example Tony Iommi's rig in 2001:

    but it's still a very incomplete database.

    Edit: the same link has just been posted above, sorry !

  • SanchoSancho Posts: 18,678
    Guitargeek is not very metal or hardrock minded. Plus it's a wiki format I think, so anyone can upload whatever they please (I could be mistaken here though)

    As for the headstock orientation : BC Rich have made so many variations on their models over the years, it's impossible to keep track.
    Maybe Venomboy has more background, he's our resident BC Rich afficionado.
  • AgrippaAgrippa Posts: 5,943
    There´s also www.UberProAudio.com, which I have just discovered.

    Trey´s page:

    Yes, bc rich Ironbirds, but also Hamer, Charvel, Dean and Ibanez, and Jcm 900 dual reverbs.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 10,067
    Have a Guitar World int with him somewhere. c. Covenant and I think he said he used Marshall 8100 VALVESTATES in places on that, alot of the death guys did actually.
  • AgrippaAgrippa Posts: 5,943
    Yes, I remember.
    There was a period when Terry Date (Pantera, Prong and others) was very popular in producing modern heavy guitar sounds, and he swore by transistor amps (valvestates among others), and shure SM58´s in front on the amps.
    Here they claim Trey uses JCM 900 dual reverbs.

    Actually I have seen em live at least three times, two of the occasions at small clubs, but I´ve always been too otherwise occupied (Women, Drinks, Beer, trying to stand up and stuff like that) to notice anything.
    I am new to Morbid Angels recorded output, but I actually is growing to like it better.
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