I just realized my young Dino son has it made

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My youngest son is so far more advanced regarding music than I ever was at his age.  While I was a huge music fan at 10yo and grew up in a family with musical taste, my parents did not encourage my interest in music like I do.  I did not even get my first guitar until I was 40yo and yet my son has 5 guitars.  I had to sneak to my first 10 concerts as my parents were so worried I would get in trouble.  My son has been to so many concerst I have lost count.  How would you have liked to be 10yo and already seen:

Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Heaven & Hell
Kenny Chesney
Keith Urban
Danny Seraphine and CTA
Steve Vai
Toby Keith - 5 times
Dream Theater
Zappa Plays Zappa
Sammy Hagar
Mark Wood
Green Day

Not to mention the following upcoming shows over the next few months:

Steve Morse - this Friday.  He is very excited as Steve is his 2nd favorite guitar player after Randy and we thought we were going to miss this tour.
Project Object
Allan Holdsworth

I wish I had parents like myself.


  • AgrippaAgrippa Posts: 5,943
    Yes It´s great when you can share you interests with you kids. I have had my sons when they were 15 and 10 to a Rammstein show. They were amazed, and I really enjoyed watching their awe stricken expressions.
    Rammstein is always great and funny on stage.

    They do have their own tastes, and I appreciate that. They love Rammstein far more than I do, and they dont really like Emperor, Necrophagist, Nile and Shining which are my fave bands right now.

    My kids play guitar hero, rock band and other video games, and don´t play and instruments.

    I didn´t come from a musical enviroment myself, and while my own kids surely appreciate my exposing them to music, they still are kids (teens), and do have their own views, and do try to "piss off the old man", by ridiculing Emperor and my own guitarplaying, all in good nature of course, and I think it´s beautiful that they are going their own ways and insisting on getting their own experiences, just very endearing.
  • jebbuddajebbudda Posts: 5,030
    Amen Jay .  :notworthy:

    Both my parents are tone deaf . They did however recognize my love for music when I was a toddler but never pushed it . It was my Grandfather that encouraged me . He taught me my first guitar chords and always showed up at my gigs . He was forced to give up a successful career because of my Grandmother who refused to marry a musician . Gramps could play every instrument and was the drummer in a big band back in the 20s .

    Obviously my daughter has had alot of exposure to music but has never expressed any interest in playing an instrument . I'm happy to have her requesting Foghat or The Scorpions when we're in the car . :metal: She wants to come to my gigs now too but refused to get up on stage to play tamborine like Tracy on the Partidge Family . :036:
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