The Galvatrons... Influenced by Cheap Trick and Lion

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Someone here into The Galvatrons?

It is a young, keyboard/guitar-based pop/rock band from Melbourne, Australia... They have great influences IMO, just to mention some Dinos they list: Lion, Cheap Trick (well, kind of at least), Van Halen and Queen.
I see them as a lighter counterpart to The Darkness, they have kind of the same feel going, though no falsetto here. Check out the artwork to their debut album Laser Graffiti (just that name of the record makes them a favourite of mine, it's awesome :metal: ) it have a really cool retro-vibe just as the music, but it doesn't sound dated

Before I go on, check out for yourself:
The two songs to listen to in the playlist IMHO are She's in Love and Donnie's on TV

And two-music videos:

Also on their myspace if you scroll down...

When We Were Kids:

They have had some buzz going and opened for The Police in Hyde Park, London and played together with Def Leppard and Cheap Trick on their Australian dates and are signed by a major label, I really wish these guys good luck and hope they can make it big time 'cause they do the things they do well and I love it :ohyeah: :metal: :up: :woohoo:

What do you guys think?



  • I've seen 'em twice here. Not as good as I'd anticipated.. Hopefully their next album will scale the heights they're aiming for..

    You're gonna flip when you hear the new Danger Danger, it is a monster...
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