Music as Entertainment Only Vs. What We Each Think



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    music is definitely a gift, a really beautiful gift... irreplaceable.
    I love watching shredders play fast as entertainment, not as music... only a few shredders sound musical anyway...
    and I hate modern music... I can't see them as entertainment or art.... I don't understand most people these days...

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  • FenceFence Posts: 282
    I think music is what we tend to become. The becoming. Whatever we get our thoughts on. A sense of purpose through meditation. Pure dinamic of life. It can be entertainment to people that don't get me, but to people who feel the shit I portray behind it it's a legacy. So I feel humble when music builds on . Through it's history. It can be timeless, you can feel the way people were thinking , how they lived. Their thoughts swooshing by.
    When driving but not quite behind the wheel. Then it is at it's best.

    Thats why I don't get petrucci. His statements are like from some tabloid . He waited for his father to die so he can write a "good" song ? It's a trend. I like the female songwriters like Fiona apple, Regina spector, they ALWAYS state the reasons why they wrote them, so I guess Petrucci also adopted this kind of behaviour. It's not the petrucci the musician I don't like. It's the petrucci the person he projects himself to be. I like a fair share in tasting the values one has and a sense of purpose in my music, the kind I search for the kind I return to.For some person that doesn't notice things happening around himself all the time petrucci is a godsend for inspiration. He can build a song out of thin air. And I do understand timing is everything and one song or record can change a perspective one has toward an artist or to the world.
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